Kindle - The Best-Selling E-Reader On The Market

Reading books brings a lot of benefits to you. However, traditional books have undeniable disadvantages such as taking up a lot of space and not being convenient to carry. This is the reason that led to the birth of e-readers. Among the e-reader products you can find on the market, Amazon's Kindle e-reader is the most prominent. This blog will help you have a detailed view of this e-reader product.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader Overview

As technology develops and becomes an essential part of modern life, Kindle e-readers emerge as a completely new way of experiencing books with outstanding advantages over traditional paper books.

After years of research and development, versions of Kindle are becoming more and more perfect. And, at this point, Amazon's Kindle e-reader products are almost unmatched in the market. Let's learn more about the advantages of this machine in the next section.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of Kindle e-readers

1. Carry it conveniently

It is estimated that the average weight of the Kindle Paperwhite model is only about 300g. Other versions of Kindle are also light-weighted. Therefore, you can easily put these devices in your bag or backpack. Practical experience shows that reading for many hours with Kindle products does not cause hand fatigue.

2. Reading experience like using real paper books

Unlike other electronic devices with screens that cause eye strain when used for a long time, the screen of the Kindle e-reader is integrated with E-Ink technology that makes the displayed image look as close to real paper as possible.

3. Don't have to worry about battery life

With an intensity of reading about 2 hours a day and no Wi-Fi connection, the Kindle e-reader can last for about 2 weeks without needing to be charged.

4. Don't worry about unexpected accidents 

With paper books, the fact that you accidentally spill a glass of water or encounter a sudden rain on the road will cause the book to be damaged. But with the Kindle Paperwhite version, water problems are no longer a concern because the product has an additional waterproof function to protect the device.

5. Diversified titles at cheap prices

One of the indispensable advantages of e-readers compared to paper books lies in the huge bookstore. At Kindle's bookstore, you can find millions of titles. You can choose to buy ebooks cheaply or download ebook files at your convenience.

6. Save time and effort to preserve books

Paper books provide a more enjoyable and traditional reading experience, but the downside of paper books is that the process of preserving books requires the user to have a large enough space with a dedicated bookshelf. Moreover, paper books after a period of storage will begin to accumulate dust and require cleaning if you want to keep them for a long time. This is not going to happen if you use paper books.

7. Affordable Kindle e-readers

In case you are a book lover and have a habit of buying books regularly, buying a Kindle e-reader is more economical than buying paper books.

Currently, the price of Kindle e-reader on the market is priced from $ 65. You will be able to choose from a variety of capacities from 8 GB to 32 GB. With an 8 Gb capacity, you can store the equivalent of about 40 books while on the device.

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