Is It Worth Buying Almond Cow?

Almond milk is one of the most popular plant-based milk alternatives with a wide range of products on the market. Yet, making nut milk with a milk maker at home is fun, cost-effective, and more delicious than store-bought milk. Answer the question “Is it worth buying an almond cow maker?” in this post.

What is an Almond Cow?

Almond Cow is a milk maker that works the same way a coffee grinder does. It purports to make grain milk in a few minutes. It's easy to clean and requires no straining.

Almond Cow milk maker uses a durable stainless steel blade that is designed for dicing almonds efficiently. The Almond Cow set has a milk maker, a 64-ounce glass milk jug, one packet of raw almonds, one organic coconut shreds and one organic whole grain oats. The store also provides glass jugs that you can buy to have more convenience at home.

How does Almond Cow work?

The Almond Cow does all the work for you with just one button. It consists of a blender base and head, filter basket, small plastic container cup, and removable power cord. Also, it has a filter cup that is made from 100% stainless steel, so it's safe while making nut milk.

This Almond Cow milk maker has two major selling points:

  • It separates almond milk from the pulp that you will save time for squeezing.
  • It makes nut milk in just one minute. This machine can make a variety of plant-based milk alternatives such as oat, cashew, coconut, pecan, and pistachio.

Why should I buy an Almond Cow milk maker?

Easy to use

Making nut milk with the Almond Cow isn't complex:

  • Choose your favorite nuts and soak them for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Add your ingredients to the filter basket.
  • Add water to fill lines, close the blender and plug it in.
  • Press the button on top of the blender for blending. The Almond Cow runs by cycles which are around 60 seconds of each cycle. The light will flash while the cycle is running.

It's so simple! The result is creamy homemade milk without taking much of your time. The Almond Cow machine is really a dream device for making plant-based milk at home.

Quick to clean

Cleaning the Almond Cow is quite easy and quick. The Almond Cow set comes with a toothbrush to get all of the blended nut pieces out of the strainer. The metal filter basket only needed a rinse and a wipe to make it clean. You take just seconds to wash it down with a sponge.

However, for the blender blade and head, you need to be careful cleaning. You can't get the black "head" wet, which contains the machine's engine. It can be damaged by water.

Various recipes

On the Almond Cow website, there are lots of different recipes that you can follow and make your own dishes. You can find soup, cocktails, milk, infusions, and more.  All of these recipes are delicious and suitable for almost everyone.

The list of recipes on the website is totally free. If you want to get more, you can purchase a special Almond Cow recipe book that will have more than a hundred recipes. The price of this book is around $19.95.


The Almond Cow set starts at $195. This is an affordable price for making plant-based milk at home. The store offers a 1-year warranty policy. 

Use Almond Cow discount codes at checkout to reduce your cart cost up to 30%. You should also sign up for their newsletter program for the latest Almond Cow coupons. 

Where can I buy Almond Cow milk makers?

To buy Almond Cow milk makers, you can visit some online e-commerces like Amazon. However, visit the Almond Cow website to purchase the top quality milk maker from the brand. Simply add a starter set or some add-on product to your cart, Almond Cow will deliver it to your door. Currently, Almond Cow offers free shipping for all US orders over $50. It's a great time to save money with Almond Cow discounts

Making nut milk at home is simple if you have an Almond Cow milk maker. You can also use the Almond Cow to make milk out of other nuts.