iPhone SE 2022 Review: A Great Budget iPhone

The successor of the iPhone SE (2020) and the third-generation model in this range of cheap alternatives to Apple's flagship phones, the new iPhone SE for 2022 has been unveiled. While it isn't a flagship device, it is by far the cheapest, giving it an excellent entry point into the world of iOS for many.

So some people may enjoy these new iPhone SE updates, however, you'd be excused for being dissatisfied considering that leaks indicated that there would be a lot more changes. Before we get into our complete review of the phone, here's everything you need to know about it.

Design and size

The design of the iPhone SE 3 2022 is the same as that of the previous generation, which is the iPhone 8 body. It has a 750 x 1334 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, which aren't great features for the budget, and this phone isn't for people who like to watch a lot of videos on the internet.

The phone's front and back are both comprised of glass, with an aluminum frame in the middle - a very 2017 design for Apple. A Lightning Port for charging is included, as is a cable, however, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack.

The phone is available in three colors: black, white, and red, which is a smaller selection than the iPhone SE 2020 and may disappoint those who expected a wider choice of hues.

Main features

The A15 Bionic chip will be included in the iPhone SE 3 2022. This aligns it with last year's iPhone 13 range, which featured the A15 Bionic. This means that performance on the GPU and CPU will be improved over the prior edition.

The iPhone SE 3 2022's battery life has also been increased, though Apple has not said how much longer you can expect it to last.

Camera improvements

The camera technology on the iPhone SE 3 2022 has been enhanced, including a 12MP camera with Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 4, and Photographic Styles. All of these increases in photo quality are made possible by the A15 Bionic ISP, so it's not just the camera hardware.

Apple demonstrated a few camera capabilities at the event, like Portrait mode and Photographic Styles, which aren't new to smartphones or even iPhones.


The A15 Bionic technology will be used in the iPhone SE (2022), so anticipate comparable processing performance and battery improvements. That processor offers a lot of power for gaming - or whatever games you can fit on that little screen - but the actual benefits are battery optimization and AI intelligence.

One improvement is that, unlike the earlier iPhone SE, the third-generation model has 5G connectivity, which could result in a significantly faster internet connection for those who reside in places where the network is available.


The pricing of the phone begins at $429. The phone is so slightly more expensive than the iPhone SE (2020), which is priced at $399 for 64GB of storage. We assume the price increase is due to the inclusion of 5G. However, you can take advantage of these iPhone SE coupons to save on your wallet.

To sum up

The iPhone SE (2022) retains its predecessors' 4.7-inch Retina LCD screen with 60Hz refresh rate. This implies hefty top and bottom bezels, but also a Home key and an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The new processor supports 5G connection, more computing capacity for iOS, and Deep Fusion for the front and back cameras. It did not, however, include a night mode, possibly for reasons beyond its control. Overall, owing to its higher user advantages, this is still a smartphone worth purchasing.