How To Wear Wide Fit Pants For Men

While slim silhouettes still remain, it is undeniable that wide trousers have made a big comeback. From runway collections in fashion week to everyday normal garments, the wide cutare is receiving love from everybody. This is because of the easy accessibility, since hopping on this trend won’t cost you much, and it can even be dirt cheap if you apply some trousers discount while shopping. With that said, adopting a new trend for the first time may be difficult, especially when the change is as drastic as switching away from skinny fit. We're here to address your questions regarding wide-leg pants and show you different ways you can incorporate them in your wardrobe.


Before jumping directly on how to wear the wide pit pants, there are some minor aspects you might want to consider first to set up a good foundation.


Wide leg pants, like slim and standard fit, come in a variety of materials ranging from fine to thick, depending on the season and occasion. For instance, to avoid looking unthoughtful, consider thicker fabrics to keep things from blowing in every strong breeze. Furthermore, since the wide trousers trend has only come up recently and there is no sign of its stopping, you can confidently invest in high-quality pieces without worrying that they will become obsolete soon. For example, FoG is a great luxury fashion brand that you should look into. While their products can get pricey, you can utilize the Fear of God coupons to have the best fabric quality garments while embracing the trendy oversized look.

Colors & Patterns

Wide leg pants look the best in darker colors like charcoal, navy, and black, as well as earthy neutrals like camel, beige, and stone. Patterns, on the other hand, represent a step up for the wide leg trouser: checks, pinstripes, and even polka dots are all appropriate for the nattier dresser. Choose your trouser first, then piece together your outfit from there, keeping the top basic. You don't want the top and bottom to compete for the center position.


It's crucial to get the fit correct, no matter how wide you go. Most trousers will sit somewhat higher on the waist depending on the formality of the trouser. The public doesn't need to see your undergarments when there's already so much excess material on display. Make sure your pants or jeans hit just below your waist, not your hips, otherwise you'll seem like a youngster who borrows his father's clothing.

Popular Styles

There is no implication that you must wear the craziest outfits from the latest runway collection to be fashionable. Here are three simple yet effective styles you can adopt to wear the wide trousers in a sophisticated way.


Casual styles are the best way to explore with the relaxed-leg fit for those new to it. Think simply to balance out all that more down below. Wearing a crew-neck T-shirt or a Henley with a good fit. Tuck the top in to showcase the typical front pleats and higher waist of many larger pants.


To keep you from ballooning, you'll need a nipped-in waist, whether it's in the shape of a cropped jacket or a fitted one. Fortunately, looser-fitting pants may be worn in business casual settings if the style compensates for the looser fit. When pairing a blazer with laid back pants, roll the hems to make the trousers swing rather than puddle.


Wide cut pants have always been the go-to for the streetwear set and skaters who are routinely on workwear. Simply choose thick cotton twill pants and denim pants, then combine them with loose (but not baggy) branded sweatshirts, hoodies, and leisure jackets.


Relaxed fits have made their way into 2022 as one of the hottest styles in men's fashion. Incorporating baggy pants into your wardrobe can be quite challenging if you’re not too familiar with them. This blog of ours aims to offer you some tips and tricks on how to pull off the wide trousers look stylishly.