How To Wear A Graphic T-shirt Fashionably

It is well-known that fashion is a free form of self expression and graphic T-shirts are among the easiest items to do that. Hence there shouldn’t be any type rules or regulations applied when it comes to wearing those colorful pieces, as long as you feel confident of yourself. However, there are many of us who want to hop on this trend but do not really know how to start, or they feel uncertain whether they’ll look good or not. Don’t fret, because this article will provide you with the information you need to wear a printed T-shirt fashionably.

Graphic and Slogan T-Shirt

These two items are different to some extent but they’re both the famous printed tees. While it is hard to mess up with the graphic tees, since most of them are band tees with incredible designs, most people find it hard to pull off the slogan tees. Our recommendation is that you should start with the slogan of the famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, etc, as they are accessible and offer a lot of discounts. If you want to wear normal slogan tees then you should avoid childish terms and words, instead refer to the phrases that you can deeply connect or relate to so you can wear them confidently. Some of those brands, like Nike, even distribute various promotional programs (or special Nike exclusive discounts) to support customers who do not have too much money for purchasing their high-end products

How To Style Printed T-shirts

Now that we have covered the definitions and common mistakes, let’s dive into the details on how to actually style these pieces like a fashionable celebrity.


Street Style is the easiest way to incorporate printed tees in your outfit and wardrobe. They go together smoothly like bread and butter for a casual combination. The secret to mastering this graphic tee look is to pay attention to proportion and layering. It is ideal to maintain a crisp line on the lower half with a pair of fitted sweatpants or teared jeans, and then go drapey on top with an oversized band t-shirt. Don't forget about the footwear too. In streetwear outfits you can go crazy with the best on-trend sneakers in the market, simple runners or white leather sneakers would do the trick just fine.

Smart Casual Style

There is a misconception that graphic tees are only suitable for casual outfits. Though the fashion-oriented minds do not think of it that way and start to dress down the blazer with a printed t-shirt. This idea has been around for a long time as a way to give a touch of edginess to an office look. The key is to let the tee be the statement piece. Keep the rest of your clothing basic so it doesn't get overly loud and out-of-control. To convert your graphic tee into your new going-out uniform, you can try mixing black trousers with minimalist shoes and a basic blue blazer.


As the name suggests, there’s not much to say about this approach. Similar to street style, a minimalistic look is very good with a graphic tee. Just keep everything minimal and well-fitted. Simple outfits like white jeans with a small-print graphic shirt, and dark sneakers is sufficient.

Grunge Style

If you actually listen to the band on the graphic tee, this is the perfect way to express your personal interest while keeping your fit cool. Asides from your favorite band tour t-shirt, skinny ripped jeans offer a very grungy and trendy look, whether it is black or gray. Pair them with a denim jacket or a leather jacket to match the aesthetic. Finish the outfit with a pair of high quality leather boots to complete a rocker look.

Final thoughts

Graphic T-shirts (or tees) are still among the most popular apparel items today. The introduction of the traditional T-shirt ushered forth a slew of odd variations. This is where graphic T-shirts had their modest beginnings, and we are all the better for it. Because of the hilarious feel they bring to the table, these shirts have managed to stay one step ahead of your average T-shirt. On the front, you'll frequently encounter amusing captions. All of the thinking that goes into the men's and women's graphic T-shirts that we see on a daily basis has something more substantial to give us. Here's why you should get your hands on your very own snarky T-shirt as soon as possible!