How To Use Spring Decor Elements? 8 Easy Ideas

Spring is finally here! While the weather may be a little cold, there are plenty of ways to bring spring inside. You can use decor elements like flowers and plants or you could add some bright colors with pillows and blankets. In this blog post we will explore some ways that you can use these home decor items to make your house feel more like spring!

1. Flowers for Every Room 

It is not a secret that fresh flowers are an easy way to add life and color into a space, but they don’t have to be just limited to flower vases anymore! There are so many ways you can use flowers this spring both inside and outside your home. 

For example, why not display them on top of pillows when putting together new couch cushions? You could also place glass candle holders with smaller vases or even scented candles right in between stems. Check for coupons on flower vases for savings.

2. Update the Kitchen

No matter what your style is, kitchen decor items are a great way to add some freshness to any home. Whether it be new plates or coffee mugs that you’re dying to try out, there are so many cute options! 

If those aren't quite your style but you're looking for something more affordable, why not get yourself an indoor plant? They work well in just about every setting whether on top of side tables or even hanging baskets. Check for deals on indoor plants for savings.

3. Makeover Your Bathroom 

Other than splurging on brand new towels, the season might be a good time to try out some fun new shower curtains. They are not only super affordable but also easy to change up whenever you want! If you don't think your current one needs to be replaced, consider adding in something like glass votives or fresh flowers for an instant update.

4. Play With Your Wall Decor

This year we're all about mixing things up and changing our home decor often without spending too much money on big pieces that will take over the room. One way of doing that is by using wall decals as opposed to hanging multiple posters. Not only does it take up less space but it can easily be switched out whenever you want without too much of a hassle!

5. Refresh Your Fixtures

If your faucets, light fixtures, or mirrors are looking dingy from last year's decorating ideas, this is the time to freshen them right back up. You never know what amazing new styles there might be available at local hardware stores for reasonable prices. You can check for offers on mirrors for savings.

6. Update the Bedroom With Fresh Textiles

Change things around by adding brand new bedding that has floral print and pastel colors all over it! It may seem like an odd way to bring in the season, but it is also a cute way of incorporating some freshness without having to do too much. 

If you don't have any brand new bedding set, consider adding in accent pillows with matching colors! You can check for discounts on bedding sets for savings.

7. Take Advantage of Spring Cleaning

It may seem like a chore but springtime is actually the best time to deep clean your home. Try throwing out old items that you no longer use, washing windows and curtains, or even organizing closets (and drawers). This way everything looks new again before trying out some fresh decor ideas!

8. Refresh Your Living Room with New Rugs 

Instead of buying all around the same type of rug every year, why not switch it up by adding something different into each room? Try adding in something like a shaggy rug or even an outdoor type of mat can change up the entire look and feel within minutes!

Summing Up

The season of Spring is a time for new beginnings and renewal. The coming of spring means that we can start to discard the dark and heavy winter clothes, and bring out lighter colors such as white, yellow, or light green. 

There are many ways to incorporate these colors into your home decorating projects. Be sure to follow our guide in this regard. You can also check for tips to decorate empty corners for further help.