How to Make an Anxious Dog Feel Safe?

Most of the time, when we bring a pet, especially dogs, to our home, we forget to give him space to adjust. No matter how much you love your dog, he still can feel very awkward and disturbed. Anyone who knows how dogs behave can analyze the stress level by only seeing an anxious dog’s face. Even if your dog is living with you for a long time and acting weird suddenly, it can be because of many things. So, in this article, we will talk about how to make an anxious dog feel safe and calm.

1. Calming music

We are in a pandemic, and most of us are working from our homes. It can be relaxing to think that we don't have to get ready every day to go to the office, and we can chill in our homes and work while eating our favorite snacks. However, we forget about other people living in the home and our pets as they are like children of the family. Our change in routines can negatively impact our dog's life and cause anxiety because he is not used to seeing us home 24/7. So, it's super important that you calm down your dog with anything that helps. Our suggestion would be some calming music that you can play during the day because it will make your dog sleep as anxiety can interfere with the sleeping patterns of our pets. Check out these calming music coupons for pets and buy a few for your doggy.

2. Playing with your dog

No matter how busy your mind is, make time to play with your dog. Your anxious dog waits for your attention only, and when you don't give him that, he grabs it by behaving abnormally. Take your gorgeous dog out for a walk, and when you start doing that regularly, it will calm down your dog. You can play games with your dog, and he will enjoy it so much. Check out these dog games coupons if you can’t think of any game to buy for your dog.

3. Pheromones spray

Pheromones are the chemicals that animals release or take in from the environment or other animals and channel their emotions accordingly.  When after a long lockdown you start going out for work, leaving your dog behind, he might develop separation anxiety. You might not take this as a serious issue, but he will start feeling alone and want you all the time. So, using an appeasing pheromones spray to calm down your dogs can be a great move. Check out these calming pheromones spray coupons if you want to purchase a high-quality product for only a few bucks. 

4. Make a routine for your dog

Your dog needs to follow a routine, and you will have to set up that. You can try adjusting and syncing your schedule with your dog's sleeping and waking cycle, and eventually, your pet will follow you. When your dog is anxious, he scratches, barks, and jumps excessively. The body language of your dog will tell you everything. In anxiety, we all need everything to be perfect and available, so try to make things available to you, whether it's a sleeping bed or good food. You will have to observe and analyze how your dog eats and sleeps after showing abnormal behavior. Check out these dog sleeping bed coupons as they will help your pet sleep better and help him follow the routine.

5. Don’t ever be angry 

When you decide to pet an animal, you have to be nice to them. Pets are your responsibility, and they are innocent like children. Many people think that animals are dumb, so they won’t notice behavioral changes, which is a stupid statement because animals are smart and feel every little thing. Similarly, if you have a dog and you are mean to him because you are under work pressure or dealing with some other issue, it will scare your dog and develop anxiety. So, always be very cool and kind to your dog.

Final Words

Here we will end our article about making an anxious dog feel calm, and we hope that our ideas will help you make your pup feel better. Dogs are the most peaceful and sweetest pets, but they also get triggered by certain things. If you avoid doing things that stress your dog and understand your pet, it will strengthen your relationship.