How to keep your dog healthy in Summers?

Petting a dog is so much fun, but it comes with great responsibility. Like small human babies, dogs require special health care and attention; otherwise, they can get sick, which can sometimes be fatal for them.

 Especially in Summer times, dogs are vulnerable to getting heat strokes and as the temperature rises. Also, they are most likely to get inhabited by certain dog lice and ticks. It is very important to clean your dogs of these ticks and lice, or else they can develop serious illnesses. Therefore, this article is to help you understand a few simple steps to keep your dogs healthy and clean in Summers.

Keep your dogs cool and inside homes

Summer temperatures are too much for sensitive dogs, irrespective of their breeds. Especially for the dogs with long hair, tolerating heat is nearly impossible as the heat gets trapped on their furs. It is life-saving for your dogs if you keep them cool.

There are many ways in which you can do that:

  •  Keep your dogs inside the house during the daytime when the sun is at its peak.
  • Make it a routine to give your dogs a proper bath daily. You can keep them in customized paddling pools to make them think you are playing, so they are comfortable in taking a bath. 
  • If it is difficult to bathe them daily, you can also wrap them in cool, wet towels for a little while. You can find amazing discounts on paddling pools and dog towels if you have not yet bought them.
  • Also, make sure that you never leave your dogs inside the closed cars when you take them out with you.
  • Keep them hydrated and ensure that they are taking their diets properly

Make sure to regular in lice and tick check

Dogs are hosts of certain pests in the summertime. Most common are dog ticks and lice, which can be horrifying to look at, but more than that, they are sucking your dog's blood and making them weak. It is very important to check your dogs and clean them daily. But it is not an easy task. First, these ticks can also stick to your exposed skin and cause trouble. To keep yourself protected, wear safety gloves. If you do not own stock at your home, you can find cheap protecting gloves from pharmaceutical stores.

Second, the ticks and lice are so tiny and enormous in number that it is almost impossible to catch them with a naked eye. It is therefore easy to apply anti-lice and anti-tick medicines on your dogs almost thrice a week. But make sure to cover, or else the drug can cause eye allergies.

Keep your dog physically fit

Most dog owners think that if the dogs are super lazy in summers, they should better leave them rested. And some believe that the winter walk routine should not be compromised even if the dogs are unwilling to participate.  Both these perceptions are wrong. Remember that the timing and extent of your dog's physical exercise in summers are crucial for their health.

 First, make sure that your dog is eating healthy and sufficient to not suffer from deficiencies, which is likely in summers. To make them eat even if they seem unwilling, give them treats in a fun way. For example, play with them for ac while, give them tiny commands that they enjoy doing, such as solving dog puzzles (you can purchase them at a discount from, and reward them with treats.  Also, try to dissolve liquid supplements in them so that their muscles and bones stay healthy and strong.

Second, take your dogs on walks before sunrise when the temperature is not high or in the evening. Also, make sure you do not drain their energy. You know your dog! When you see them pant or heavy breathing, stop right away and keep them hydrated. In this way, they will have physical exercise and would not be drained of their energy.

Final words

Petting a dog is an immense responsibility, and you should not forget that they are sensitive creatures. Summers are equally tough for dogs. Sometimes, it is harder for them than humans to survive. Therefore, this article aims to help you understand how you can keep your dog clean, fresh, and healthy in the summers.