How to Deal with a Lonely and Emotionally Demanding Friend?

Friends are one of the biggest blessings that God has given us, but that can sometimes be so overwhelming when they start acting super needy. Even though your friends have the right to do all kinds of stupid things with you, it needs to stop if it is too much for you. Sometimes your friends crack certain jokes that offend you, and you want to tell them that, but somehow you cannot do that. Similarly, you might have a friend who has no one except for you, and they think that it’s okay to cling to you all the time. However, you need privacy, and you want to spend time with other people as well. So, today we have come up with an article about your lonely and emotionally demanding friends.

1. Define your boundaries and limits

No matter what relationship you are in, you have to set up boundaries and limitations. You have to make sure that your mental health doesn’t get affected just because your friend needs your emotional availability all the time. Sometimes, your needy friends might perceive that you are okay with the behavior because you are not showing any resistance. So, you have to be very clear about what you like and what you don't. Because once someone starts relying on you for happiness, it will be tough for them to cope if you decide to leave them abruptly one day. So, you have to be very careful and honestly convey your feelings and not give anyone false hope.

2. Self-care

When your friends start to drain you, it is best to give yourself a little break from them. It is you taking care of yourself; it is not you being selfish. We forget the importance of self-care, and no human can stay up for other people 24/7. We should find out what we like and then do that. Check out these coupons to have the best self-care ideas and do what suits you the best.

3. Get involved in creative activities

Instead of getting upset with your emotionally demanding friend, you can engage them in fun and creative activities. One example is painting together or planting trees which can be fun and beneficial for the environment. However, it would help if you decided after talking to your friend. The communication gap is the biggest problem in relationships as it gives space to assumptions in your heart. And once you decide on the activity, which can be a simple game, try to have fun with her and talk to her about your feelings. Check out these board games coupons and make your lonely friend feel good.

4. Don't ever be guilty

You can be guilty when you do something terrible, but only because you deal with a friend who wants your presence 24/7, and you don't feel like it. Helping your friends is great, but you shouldn't allow them to invade your personal space and disturb your daily activities. You don't want to enable them to think that they can treat you the way they like. People assume that only because you are there for them can they always burden you with their life issues. However, it would help if you learned to say 'no' and never feel guilty about it.

 5. Book a therapy session for your friend

It will be wonderful to help your friend and book her a therapy session. Needy friends might have some problems they can't directly discuss with you and need help. So, the best you can do for them is book a therapy session online because we are in a medical emergency. Check out these therapy session coupons if you want to save some bucks but also want to help your friend and find her the best psychiatrist.

Final Words

Here we will end our article about how you can deal with your emotional friend, and we hope you will follow our suggestions. Remember that we all have emotional needs, so we should be kind to people around us. However, it is lovely to put a full stop to the extra demands of your friends because you are also a human.