How to Choose Your Best Pedometer Watch

Traditional pedometers were considered clunky thing with big buttons and LCD displays. But today, you can own a beautiful wrist pedometer that is comfortable and stylish. A pedometer watch will help you to count exactly the steps during the workout.

In this guide, we help you to decide which step-tracking timepiece is right for your lifestyle. We also provide SunnyHealth and Fitness coupon code to save money when you order your pedometer watch.

How Do Pedometer Watches Work?

Pedometers work by shifting your movement into data. Currently, there are 2 types of pedometers including:

  • Mechanical pedometers: Use the motion of a mechanical pendulum or metal ball to measure steps. 
  • Digital pedometers: Integrated the pendulum system as part of a wider circuit to measure steps.

By using a pedometer, you can use your stride length to measure the distance walked and the number of taken steps. A digital pedometer brings more features than a mechanical once because it can monitor other fitness details like your heart rate and calorie burn overview.

How to Choose the Right Pedometer Watch?

1. Pedometer's Feature

In addition to counting steps and traveled distance, each pedometer has specific functions including displaying the duration of your walk, current time, or burnt calories. Some models also store your results, follow your progress, and retain data for up to 30 days. Some types use an app and can be connected to a computer to analyze your results.

Currently, some retailers offer wrist pedometers that can measure your heart rate frequency to adjust your performance as needed. If you want to score extra motivation, some pedometers will set the target value for a specific day. For more precise measurement, you should choose a pedometer allowing you to set the length of your stride.

2. Your Comfort

When it comes to finding a pedometer, it has to meet your needs first such as the display of the weight of a pedometer. We highly you should choose a light pedometer because it will not limit or burden you while moving. Today, there are many ways to wear a pedometer, so it's not difficult to choose the one as long as you’ll feel the most comfortable with it.

3. Wearing the Pedometer

Attaching a pedometer to your body is also one of the important factors to consider when choosing them. Typically, pedometers are designed to be set on your pants or other clothing. Sometimes, it can be attached to your shoes or worn as a wristwatch making it becomes a fashion accessory as well. All in all, we recommend you should choose a pedometer that can be firmly secure to make sure it won’t come loose while you move.

Where Can I Find The Best Pedometer Watch?

It's very easy to find a retailer offering fitness and smartwatches. If you want to choose the best pedometer watch, we highly recommend these below brands.

Best for Casual Athletes: Garmin Vivofit 3

If you only want to increase the number of steps every day, you only need to choose a simple pedometer watch that gives you the needed visibility like the Garmin Vivofit 3. 

By offering a lightweight design, it is comfortable to wear when walking. It also provides one-year battery life making it ideal for continual, daily use. The Garmin Vivofit 3 tracks steps and calories burnt accurately as well as designs a handy notification system to remind you to move and keep fit.

Best for Experienced Athletes: Polar M600 Watch

The Polar M600 Watch is a great option for those who want to get a serious workout because it will provide a pedometer with a wider repertoire of features. This watch will allow athletes to access performance data like stride length and distance as well as ways to improve the overall workout.

Beyond 24/7 monitoring your steps, The Polar M600 Watch also has plenty of add-ons that can record a dedication to fitness. This watch is recommended for Android phone users because they can see call and text notifications through the M600 after syncing with their Android devices.

Best Budget: Sunny Health and Fitness Pedometer Wrist Watch

Track your step activity and exercise intensity with the Pedometer Wristwatch by Sunny Health & Fitness. In order to track your steps accurately, you can set the adjustable stride length with a three-step sensor. This watch also monitors your exercise intensity with the two easy-to-use fingertip pulse sensors. By using an LCD screen, you can easily set up the alarm, stopwatch, and timer functions while workout. Sunny Health and Fitness focuses on the duration so they offer a water-resistant design to make sure you can use this watch for a long time with no worry of damage from sweat, rain, or moisture.

We also have a review about the Sunny Health & Fitness brand so you can understand why we recommend the Pedometer Wrist Watch in this list (plus a Sunny Health and Fitness coupon is available for your order).


Beyond the flashy features, we suggest you should focus on extra elements before you buy a pedometer watch such as budget, battery life, style, and comfort. Get your best watch and live up to the fullest.