Greetabl - The Unique Gift For Your Love (2022 Review)

A meaningful yet unique gift for our beloved soul? Greetabl could be exactly what you need! Let's explore what makes Greetabl so special through our post here.

What’s Greetabl?

Greetabl is an affordable gift box that you can customize. It's an origami box covered in a pretty graphic pattern of your choice that can be unfolded to reveal a small gift cradled inside. The inner lining of the box is printed with a selection of images you've uploaded and a note you've typed to the receiver, and it lays flat once unfolded.

With the gift box, the recipient can keep it as a decorative accent and unfold it as a reminder of your kindness. The photos can also be easily removed and stored separately as keepsakes.

How does it work?

Sending a Greetabl gift box full of love is really easy. You can follow these steps to make your own gift box:

Step 1: Choose a box and gift

You can select the pattern for the outside of the box. There are over 80 prints ranging from watercolor florals to basic stripes or polka dots. The base cost of a box is $10. 

Also, you can choose any gift to add inside the box, it includes many different options at a range of different price points. The prices range from $3 to $28, and depending on the size of the gift you choose, you might be able to add a second item.

Step 2: Fill in your message, logos, and photos

You'll get to the final design screen when you've chosen your box design and your gift. Here's the step where you can add your message and photos inside the box. You can customize the font of the note and insert stickers. When the recipient unfolds the box, they'll be surprised to see both your gift and your personal message inside.

If you don’t have images, don't worry! Greetabl offers a large library of images and entertaining small messages to choose from, so you'll be able to discover anything that properly matches the mood.

Step 3: Wait for the receiver to respond

It's the last step. When finishing these steps before, it's time to sit down and wait for the text or call when your friend receives it.

When should you use Greetabl?

Everyone can use Greetabl. Greetabl is a great gift for weddings, business parties, birthdays, or any special occasions. It's simple to make and design unique gifts with lots of styles. It includes photo frames, balloon party garland, jewelry, keychains, and champagne gummy bears.

How much does Greetabl cost?

Greetabl offers many different tiers you can choose from on the website. You can try Greetabl with the pay-as-you-go option! At $39 per year for the Insider level, you will get a free first-class shipping service. You can access more designs and more unique styles.

Greetabl starts at $10 per box you choose. Greetabl's inventory always changes, but a current snapshot includes gifts ranging from $3 to $46. So it's entirely up to you how much you're willing to spend.

Within only 5 minutes, you can design and customize your gift. The shipping time is up to 10 days, yet you can upgrade the delivery service faster. You can use Greetabl promo codes to save more money, especially on shipping fee right now.

Final thought

Greetabl is a special place for sending a gift. Surprising your love with something small yet sweet is always an unforgettable memory. To make it more affordable, don't forget to take advantage of the latest Greetabl coupons to save a large amount of money when purchasing this gift.