FightCamp Review: Does This At-Home Workout Really Work?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have adapted to at-home fitness programs. One of those companies that offer a wholly different approach to working out at home is FightCamp. Do these boxing fitness classes really work at home? Explore FightCamp workout in this post.

FightCamp packages

With the purpose of bringing high-quality boxing fitness classes directly to your living room, FightCamp offers its services in three different packages including FightCamp Connect, FightCamp Personal, and FightCamp Tribe. Each package has a warranty policy as well as promotions, so the selection of which version is depending on your budget and the number of gear you need to start.

A complete FightCamp has a free-standing punching bag, a pair of punch trackers, a set of boxing gloves, and a heavy workout mat. The trackers are inserted into the included hand wraps, which are worn under the gloves, and the gadgets record every punch you throw during a workout via the app.

  • FightCamp Connect package: It's an ultra-basic option. If you already have a punching bag and pair of boxing gloves to use at home, it's the best choice. 
  • FightCamp Personal package: It's suitable for people who need the entire at-home setup. It's a best-selling package at FightCamp.
  • FightCamp Tribe package: It's a family package. The whole family can use this package.

The FightCamp app offers more than 1,000 workouts, including extra workouts and tutorials. These exercises are a combination of punches, kicks, plank, squats, and lunges. You should read the description before choosing workouts.

The monthly subscription cost

Each package requires a monthly subscription fee of $39. Paying this cost, FightCamp allows you to access all services, a library of fitness classes, and training sessions with professional trainers. The class is available daily and you can practice at any time you want. You can jump and kick with your classes throughout the day. When having FightCamp promo codes, you can save money on your subscription fee each month. Also, if you sign up for more months, you will still reduce your cost by up to 15% off.

Take a FightCamp class

When practicing your workouts, you also work with the FightCamp app. An introductory class called The Prospect Path appears when you first load it up, giving you a rundown of the basics. It may not seem like there's much to a punching bag, but it's much more in-depth than it lets on.

The class at FightCamp is clear and detailed. This beginner's course covers everything from your stance and form to the punch number system that each of the sessions uses. It also teaches how to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts correctly. Even someone who is already familiar with boxing could benefit from the training, as familiarizing oneself with the system before entering into a class is quite advantageous.

Classes from FightCamp have a variety of lengths, from 15 to 45 minutes. The more rounds, the longer time of the course. The instructor leads the group through a series of stretches and warm-ups at the start of each class before describing what to expect in the lesson. Each session also includes a brief stretching period.

Should I try FightCamp?

If you look for a full-body workout at home, FightCamp is what you need. The classes, as well as the production value of each session, are incredibly stimulating, and you won't want to drop your gloves and leave mid-class. FlightCamp workouts bring high results. Taking these classes helps you boost your energy and practice all your body with cardio and full-body exercises.