Eyevac Pet Reviews: Get Rid of Pet Hair with a Compact Touchless Vacuum

One of the worst things about raising pets at home is their fur everywhere. To remove pets’ fur effectively, using a vacuum is a great solution. Give it a try with EyeVac Pet vacuum. Let's explore what’s special about this device through our EyeVac Pet reviews.


EyeVac Pet is like an induction dustbin that can suck up any object in front of it. You don't have to spend too much effort squeezing out the dusty and furry blocks in your house with a broom as normal. Take a look at the specifications of an EyeVac Pet vacuum:

Motor: 1400 Watt (U.S.)

- Filtration: High-efficiency Pre-Motor & Exhaust Filters

- Design: Sleek and modern

- Canister Capacity: 4.8 Liters

- Voltage 120v (U.S. plug)

- Cord Length: 6 Feet

EyeVac Pet’s Outstanding Features

The EyeVac looks like mini vacuum and acts as a friendly robot. They assist us in sucking up debris, small debris left inside the machine. The dust extraction system is operated by a motion sensor.

EyeVac Pet can work on even hard floors. With its 1000Watt motor, it promises to help you handle pet hair and other natural or artificial hair. Moreover, the device can suck up even objects that damage ordinary vacuum cleaners such as screws, small metal pieces.

If you are a pet owner and unhappy with its fur everywhere in your house, with an Eyevac Pet you only have to sweep the fur directly in front of the vacuum. The device automatically sucks the fur up. You can forget about normal cleaning as usual.

The Eye-Vac induction vacuum removes 100% of dirt, grime, hair, and debris placed right in front of it. The product has an auto mode and no switch is required. You can simply sweep the dirt in front of the device, and it automatically senses it and sucks it up. Once the dirt in front of the device has been removed, the device will automatically turn off. You can also choose to manually set the switch to turn the device on and off.

Customers’ reviews

Some people have reviewed that fur can be stuck in the vacuums; only a few denied it. The device is able to suck and compress pet hair daily, yet still doesn’t affect the whole system operation. By using EyeVac, they only have to clean the floor one time a week instead of 3-4 times sweeping the floor a day.

Those who don’t want the cats to enter the bedroom try to put the vacuum in front of the door. It can make the cat startle and not enter the room anymore.

Eyevac Pet Price

Currently, the EyeVac Pet vacuum is sold on its official website at the price of $149. You may find Eyevac on some e-commerce platforms at lower prices. However, in order to avoid counterfeit products, you should make a purchase on its official website.

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Final words

In conclusion, with the round top, thinner, compact design, EyeVac fits in any size of the room. Pet owners will no longer feel worried about the old furry issues. Eyevac Pet is really convenient, time-saving, and effort-saving. Take a Eyevac coupon from us and start your purchase now for less.