Essential Tips To Choosing Suitable Kitchen Lightings

The kitchen lighting will affect your feeling when spending time in this space. That's why you should select the right lighting system for your needs. How do you choose the suitable lighting for your kitchen?


Why is kitchen lighting important?

Lighting is an essential element in every room, especially true for the kitchen. It is the heart of the home and a busy spot from morning till night. A good lighting system allows you to perform tasks easily, including preparing and cooking food.

If your kitchen has enough light, you're more confident in the cleanliness of your room. You will be able to visibly inspect the counters, cracks, and crevices for dirt and debris, so the cleaning process is easier.

How to choose kitchen lighting?

Consider your kitchen

When choosing the lighting, the first step you need to do is consider the design of your kitchen. A system of light should be matched with the style and color schemes in the kitchen. The details and elements of your kitchen as it exists or will exist when renovations are done will impact the type, size, style, and numbers of light fixtures that can be installed.

You should pay attention to these factors:

  • Kitchen's size: Decide the number and size of fixtures you can fit.
  • Natural light levels: Informs the amount and type of light.
  • Kitchen's style: Impacts the style of the fixture you should select.

Try layers of lights

No light fixture provides light everywhere in your kitchen, such as under cabinets, over the island, and more. You can choose layers of lighting systems to cover every space. 

In recent years, setting up a layer light system has become the hottest kitchen design trend. We have four layers of lights that make your kitchen brighter. It includes task, accent, decorative and ambient lighting.


Adding ambient lighting, you'll get some benefits. It'll provide light and create a warm, welcoming feeling in your kitchen. It could be set up above the room or a central ceiling light. Besides, decor your room with some accent lighting is the perfect way to draw attention to special features. Take advantage of strip lighting under cabinets or counters, you can show all collections in your kitchen. You could also add accent lighting to glass cabinets to highlight your displays.

When choosing kitchen lights, ask your designer and consider the lighting styles in the rest of the home. Choosing similar styles will create a sense of flow among each space. It's a great option for an open-plan kitchen.


Don't forget to take care of the atmospherics of the light fixture when selecting your lights. The materials, sizes, and shape you choose will affect the atmosphere the light creates in the room.

If you want warm and welcoming lighting, you should choose the lights made up of clear or sheer materials. It'll diffuse the light effectively.

If you like a touch of drama feeling, select metal fixtures. It's great for breaking up large kitchen rooms.

Depending on the size of your kitchen space, you should install dimmer switches. It makes your lighting more flexible, and you can control light levels to suit the tasks at any time. 


A kitchen is the place where families gather for happy meals, the place where friends come and enjoy late-night drinks, and the place where good lighting can make all the difference. To make your kitchen an enjoyable space, you should select the right light fixture to suit your needs.