Ergatta Rower Review 2022 - A Must-Have Machine for Home Workout

Since the pandemic phase, home workouts has become a sharp focus. People share their various ways to improve their fitness at home. Some people plan to lose weight by treadmills, others build their muscles with dumbbells.

All exercises are good, yet there’s an extremely effective workout you may not know. It is rowing. This is the low-impact movement that works 86% of your body's primary muscle groups - twice as much as cycling and running. Better yet, it provides an endorphin high, mental clarity, and the sense of having worked out with a group. Therefore, rowing is a sheer boon for your physical and mental health.

For that, it’s time to get a rower to level up your home workout now. Amongst rower brands in the market, Ergatta are high-rated by fitness experts and also reviewers. In this in-depth Ergatta review, you will get ins-and-out of this machine, including saving with an Ergatta promo code.

Ergatta Design

Ergatta is built to let you enjoy your workout effectively without any problem. This machine can support users up to 6'8'' tall and 500 pounds. Compared with other rowers, Ergatta is the most supportive one.

The star of this machine is the pliable water-resistance system, which responds naturally to your effort. The harder you pull, the more resistance you feel, and you can also hear the water whooshing about the tank as you row, which jazzes up your feeling. What to mention is that it’s not too noisy, which other rowers are prone to get.

Water levels 13 through 19 are indicated by lines on the side of the water tank. You should fill the tank to a level of 17 with municipal water, which contains additives that inhibit algae growth. Increasing the water level gives the impression of being in a larger boat while decreasing it gives the impression of being in a smaller one. You'll need to use the provided siphon to adjust the water level.

This is a small and light device. It's easy to move around, measuring 86 by 23 by 40 inches (LWH) and weighing 76.5 pounds without water (and around 103 pounds with water). You may fold the arm down and store the machine upright to conserve space. It has a footprint of 22.5 by 23 inches when stored vertically.

Ergatta Exercises

There are huge arrays of exercises available on the Ergatta platform, and you can update five new ones every week. Virtual races, interval sprints, goal-based training regimens, and a variety of games are among the workout options. There’s software to help you track your elapsed and remaining times, estimated calories burnt, power, distance, and splits. If you have a monitor connected, it will also show your heart rate.

Their exercises are designed as games, letting you practice with joy. One of the most effective games is the Meteor. In this game, your avatar is a ball that's controlled by how hard and quick you row. The ball moves along a track with many levels, each of which corresponds to a distinct intensity zone. To hit the various targets that appear as you run through the track, you must raise or lower your onscreen avatar by rowing harder or softer. You earn points for each target you hit. Following the game, you will be able to see how you compare to your opponents.

Ergatta Price

Regatta rower costs $2,199.00, and plus $199 for shipping and installation. As a smart workout machine, Ergatta charges a membership fee. It costs $29 per month (or $319 per year) and gives you access to the company's game-based fitness platform. You can lower your payment with an Ergatta promo code. Simply enter it at the checkout to redeem it for savings.


For all the benefits you can reap from Ergatta, it’s worth having it in your arsenal. Get it home now to start rowing for your better mental and physical health. Also use an Ergatta promo code to save on your purchase.