Eastern Standard Provisions Review: Great Snacks That Make You Say Wow

Eastern Standard Provisions is famous for hand-crafted artisanal pretzels and Belgian waffles. Check out this Eastern review so you can vision its taste and order your bites.


Eastern Standard Provisions was launched by Lauren Moran, a renowned baker, who wanted to create the best soft pretzels on the planet. They finally developed their one-of-a-kind gourmet soft pretzel after months of testing, tweaking, and changing. They always focus on quality. Artisanal soft pretzels with a light and airy interior and a crusty exterior are the end result. 

Besides amazing pretzels, Eastern Standard Provisions adds Liege Belgian Waffles to their product lines. Made with dough and batter, these waffles have a soft brioche-like texture on the inside and a sweet caramelized crunch on the outside. Its taste is special and different, compared with other waffles from other brands. 

Pretzels products

Eastern Standard Provisions offers two types of snacks, including pretzel and waffle. You can choose from over 30 different snack topper options, for example, salt, sugar, mustard, and sauces. There are a variety of sizes, from the 490-calorie Topknot to the 36-calorie Bite that they're available for every appetite. Especially, the brand makes four different salts plus an everything spice mix which you can use to mix things up.

All pretzels are prepared using natural ingredients and are vegan. They are light and airy inside, while they are crisp with the crust outside. With the salt topper, the regular pretzel salt is great for sprinkling. The white Truffle salt had a very mild white truffle taste and tasted more of plain salt, while the Chili Lime salt-packed a punch of lime flavor with some chili heat at the end. 

One of the best-selling pretzel toppers is the Strawberries & Cream Gourmet. It tastes like strawberries and vanilla cream, so it's a perfectly sweet topper for their soft pretzels.  

Affordable price

Eastern Standard Provisions provides many gift boxes so you can select different favorite toppers. It has a nice assortment of gift boxes for all occasions. These gift boxes start at just $19.99 and most pretzel gift boxes include several different types of pretzels and at least 1 salt. You should try a gift box that has several toppers as it makes for a super fun experience to share with friends and family!

For Belgian Waffles, Eastern Standard Provisions offers a large box which is at $59.99. It has 8 Liège Belgian Waffles, a Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce, a Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce, a Strawberries & Cream Topper, and a French Toast Sugar. It also has a Happy Holidays sticker to make the box more creative. 

However, Eastern Standard Provisions doesn't offer free shipping. The standard shipping is $10. You can reduce your cart cost by using Eastern Standard Provisions coupons

Easy to store and bake

These pretzels are easy to store. When your box arrives, if you don't want to heat them right away, put them in the freezer. They'll last for up to 12 months in the freezer.  Pretzels should not be stored in the refrigerator.

It's quite easy to bake these pretzels. Most pretzels can be baked in the oven at 400 to 425 degrees, for 3 – 10 minutes depending on the type of pretzel and if they are frozen or thawed. 

Bottom line

Eastern Standard Provisions snacks taste amazing. They offer various options that you can try some new daily. However, we would like the brand to offer "make your own gift box" options that customers can pick and choose their favorite pretzels, waffles, and toppers. Before making your purchase, don’t forget to check available Eastern Standard Provisions coupons on our site.