Diabetes-Friendly Baking & Cooking Suggestions for the Holidays

On the holidays, we definitely can't proceed without delicious meals and yummy foods, so baking and cooking seem to be indispensable activities for every family. Indeed, it takes perfect ingredients to make a delicious meal. However, if your family has members with diabetes or a history of diabetes, don't worry, we will provide you with appropriate suggestions not only to help them reduce their risk of diabetes but also nutritional supplements for their health benefits.

Greek Yogurt

When baking, you tend to use high-sugar creams like sour cream, mayo, heavy cream, etc, as well as high-fat, calorie-dense, which are bad for people with diabetes.

Therefore, we recommend that you replace them with Greek Yogurt while still ensuring the required amount of nutrients. Leading nutritionists have researched and come up with numbers proving that Greek Yogurt has twice the protein content of regular yogurt, which makes you fuller for longer due to its promoting satiety. Plus, the study results also show that Greek Yogurt contains fewer carbohydrates & carbs than regular yogurt and significantly reduces the risk of diabetes. Check for free exclusive Greek Yogurt coupons to optimize your budget!

Pureed Fruits

Worried about creamy cheeses and butter and looking for alternatives to them? So don't worry because Pureed Fruits is the perfect choice for you as they will help you keep your weight and blood sugar in a steady state.

Scientists have researched and shown that Pureed Fruits such as pumpkin and mashed avocado can help you reduce the amount of fat in baking and cooking effectively. To be more specific, they give you saturated fats instead of unsaturated fats and they taste and texture just like butter so you don't have to worry too much about your culinary experience. Also, Pureed Fruits are also perfect for you as they are often used in vegan recipes and are a smart choice for people with diabetes because it provides sweetness without the need for additional sugar.

Plant-Based Oils

Plant-Based Oils are the perfect substitute for butter when you're cooking during the holidays. 

It is true that the use of butter will increase the amount of cholesterol, which creates high risks of heart diseases, so taking advantage of Plant-Based Oils is the perfect solution. Also, Plant-Based Oils can also be used in snacks such as starter salads or sautéed veggie dishes in order to provide and help your body achieve the required calories for the body.


We hope that you have grasped the perfect ingredients to make delicious dishes without having to worry about being disturbed by diabetes. However, if you are looking for products to reduce your diabetes risk, then Kombucha Tea is the appropriate choice, so please spend your precious time reading "5 Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea" to know more about what beneficial capability it can bring to you!