Dermatologists' Recommended Skin Care Resolutions For 2022

Consistency is vital, especially when it comes to skin care, according to Heather Richmond, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at the Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in Houston. Long-term change is difficult, but consistency is essential. Don't anticipate results right away, especially when it comes to minimizing symptoms of aging, she advises, but regular use of high-quality skin care will make a significant impact in the long run. Retinoids, for instance: According to Harvard Medical School, they are known to lessen fine lines and wrinkles, but it may take up to six months of consistent use to notice results. For the greatest outcomes, any resolve you set now should be one you intend to keep throughout 2022.

Do Use Sunscreen Daily And During All Seasons

Although sunscreen may appear simple, it is your most powerful skin-care tool. The #1 resolution that every dermatologist in this piece who was contacted said they wanted to see individuals make was to start using sunscreen every day. According to studies, using sunscreen regularly has the most influence on avoiding skin cancer and premature aging. It will protect you from UVA and UVB radiation, which cause premature aging of the skin. If you've read this far and think you're immune since it's winter and you're not outside, reconsider. Studies have shown that even blue light from our laptops and other electronics may harm our skin. For instance, tiny research discovered a connection between blue light exposure and the generation of free radicals, which are connected to the early aging of the skin.

Don't Go To Bed Wearing Makeup

Many individuals have the poor habit of sleeping with makeup on, which may lead to a variety of skin problems such as blocked pores, breakouts, excessive lip dryness as well as serious eye damage. Fortunately, this resolve is easy to keep: wash your face before going to bed. You'll use a solvent-based makeup remover if you're applying concealer that is oil-based. Because the area around the eyes is more delicate, apply a light cleaner there instead.

Protect Your Skin From The Winter

The worst season for skin is probably winter, when individuals commit to using more skin-care products to protect their skin's outer layer from the effects of the cold, low humidity, and wind. We recommend AmLactin as a budget-friendly pharmacy alternative since it contains hydrating humectants like glycerin and ammonium lactate, which may really draw moisture to your skin. 

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Do Not Discard Expired Or Unused Goods

The beginning of the year is a popular time for house decluttering, so if your skin care shelf is out of hand, it may be time to pare down. Uncertain about where to begin? Examine all of your skin care products for expiration dates, and make a commitment to discard anything that is past its sell-by date. Get rid of anything else that makes your skin itchy. You probably don't need both of your hyaluronic acid products if you have two of them. If you have the same kind of product, opt for one that could have a larger percentage of the active component when determining what to discard.


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