CuCu Covers Review: Redesign Your Card Skin to Stand Out from The Crowd

Sometimes we can feel bored with the simple plain cards in our wallets. If you want to redesign the cover for any card, for inspiration, or just for fun, CuCu Covers can be the place you are looking for. Read more about CuCu Cover Review to discover how you can redesign your card.

3 things you need to know about CuCu Covers Design

CuCu Covers can be applied to any card

Many people wonder whether their card can work if they replace or put a new cover on it. The material to create Cucu covers is special to make sure that you can insert, swipe, and tap like the way it should be. No matter what your card is, bank card, transit pass, or gift card, CuCu covers are still compatible.

CuCu won't hide your important card information

No need to worry about your information being hidden. CuCu Covers won’t do that. You have a flexible design to choose from as long as that design will not hide your information. For example, you can choose the half cover or full cover with a window if you don’t want to hide the bank card number. Besides, CuCu covers also has more cover designs that are in accordance with the banks.

  • Full Covers for large chip card
  • Full Covers for small chip card
  • Full Covers for no chip card
  • Half Covers for small/large chip card 

The difference between the half and full cover is, the half cover just goes on the half top of the card so it works on all kinds of bank cards. Full covers work on the transit pass, gift cards, and bank cards that are flat on the front and/or have numbers on the back. The full coverage with large/small chip with a window still shows your name, card number, expiration so that they work on any bank card as well.

CuCu allows you to create your own design

By uploading your own pattern, you can easily create your own card cover on the CuCu website. Besides, the supplier has a wide range of patterns and available designs like hello kitty, foodie, car, anime, quotes. It’s fun to combine some cool or cute patterns on a card cover.

How to apply the CuCu covers on your cards?

Things you need to prepare are your card, a piece of clothing to clean, a CuCu cover, of course.

Step 1: Clean your card with clothing. Make sure that there is no dirt on the surface of your card.

Step 2: Align your card with the cover. The tip for you is to peel half of the cover backing then align the edge of the cue to cover the card. When you put it down and you peel it back it goes on quite easily. Then you have your card covered with a new beautiful coat.

Watch the video of how to stick the CuCu Covers to the card

How to save money on CuCu covers designs?

Besides providing you with important information about CuCu covers, CouponsDoom also wants to refer to more chances of saving money when designing your card skin there.

Buy the bundle to get discounted: The more you buy, the more you save. CuCu Covers offer bundles to save up to 30%. If you buy 3 card covers, you get a 15% discount. If you buy 5 card covers, you get a 25% discount. The package of 7 covers won’t save you 30%.

Using coupon codes is always the first choice if you want to cut down the original price. Update with all active CuCu Covers discount codes from CouponsDoom to save on your purchase.

Free shipping will apply to any orders with two designs or above, no matter where you live.


Changing the appearance of your cards is so much fun. The price for CuCu Covers designs is affordable as well. Enjoy the CuCu Covers discount code to have a happy shopping time with savings. Hope this CuCu Covers review has brought some useful information to you.