Choosing Roller Skates: 5 Important Factors To Consider

Choosing the perfect pair of roller skates can be challenging. That's why it's critical to be well-informed before purchasing your first pair of roller skates. Below are five factors that you need to consider while buying your first roller skates.


It can be challenging to select the ideal size. Your feet must fit comfortably in the skates without being either too tight or too loose. Some people should choose the same size as their regular shoe size, while others should go one size up. Remember to read the size chart provided to you on the product page at all times.

If you're a new customer, we suggest ordering one size up. Just like with any other article of clothing or accessory, you should always try skates on or take measurements to find the right size. In either case, it is wise to practice wearing your roller skates at home. Your toes should not touch the skate's nose, as this indicates that they are too small.


Roller skates have four wheels, which are arranged in pairs, making them stable to step on. You only need to choose between hard wheels and soft wheels if you're a first-time customer looking into wheels. The hardness of a wheel is measured using the durometer scale, which has a range of 0-100A. Harder wheels last longer but provide less traction and stress absorption. Although they last less time, softer wheels have better traction and stress absorption.

It matters how big the wheels are. While larger wheels provide faster and longer rolling, smaller wheels keep you lower to the ground for better balance. Obtaining a proper balance is ideal. Choose 80mm wheels if the user's height is between 150 and 175 cm. Choose 90mm wheels if the user's height is greater than 175 cm.


Bearings are a specific kind of cassette that contain balls and lubrication to ensure smooth riding. There are numerous brands and various materials available from metals to ceramics, either with grease or oil inside. To get the most out of your quad skates, it's critical that you take good care of the bearings. This entails avoiding sand, dirt, and water as much as possible.

The grease-filled bearings cannot be manually cleaned, only the oil-based ones. You'll benefit from purchasing a quality set from Impala Skate. Cheaper models won't perform as well or survive as long. Besides, don't forget to use our Impala Skate coupon codes to enjoy many wonderful discounts!

Hard-boot vs soft-boot

After deciding on the kind of skates you want to purchase, you must select between a hard boot and a soft boot. Hard boots offer good stability and support, making them ideal for prolonged rides and fitness applications. They also have the benefit of being replaceable if the lining wears out. In hard boot skates, you can travel for miles.

Conversely, soft boot skates provide greater flexibility, which is necessary if you wish to be able to dance while wearing them. Additionally, soft boots are lighter in weight and more breathable than their hard boot counterparts, allowing air to flow. Look for skaters that practice the style of roller skating you want to practice. They may assist you in choosing the best boot for your discipline.

Trucks and plates

A truck and a plate are standard on roller skates. Both ends of the truck can accommodate your wheel and its two bearings. The truck is supported by the kingpin and is seated in the pivot cup. To make broad trucks for skate parks, you may either purchase them or alter existing skateboard trucks. The skater will be able to grind on a variety of ledges, copings, and rails thanks to a wide truck.

The trucks are constructed of aluminum, which makes them sturdy but heavy, while the majority of the plates are made of nylon, which makes the skate lighter in weight. Additionally, cushions underneath the wheels of quad skates can be changed to your preference. They choose how maneuverable the skates are. The skates become more maneuverable the softer the cushions are. The skates become more directional and stable as the cushion hardness increases.

Final thought

If you enjoy skating, buying a pair of skates will be money well spent. To choose the best-fitting roller skates with the necessary safety features and durability, consider all these factors before making a purchase. Real roller skate stores are many. To find the best fit, visit Impala Skate and try on a variety of skates.

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