How to Build a Budget-Friendly Indoor Playground for Your Baby with Lily and River

Building an indoor playground is helpful for parents who find it difficult to keep up with their kid's limitless energy. You can provide your little ones with an indoor playground where kids play and explore. If you don’t know how to build an indoor playground, let Lily and River help you. Read the guideline to set it up at the lowest cost possible.

Estimate the space for the playground

Depending on the space you have, you need to be more careful when scaling up and down, especially for the DYI project. However, it is much easier if buy read-made playing toys for little ones. Parents working with the dimensions of a living room in a typical apartment might find building an indoor playground impractical. Check out Lily and River's all playset for dimensions. You will choose the appropriate sizes for your home.

Understand what your little one needs

You must make sure your kids are old enough to appreciate it even if you have enough room to turn a room into a beautiful play area. For instance, toddlers and kids aged six and older would have very different experiences. In order to ensure that kids will enjoy it, keep in mind their age. When they become older and can talk, don't be afraid to ask them what they would want to see in a playground.

Below are items that you can consider buying from Lily and River

  • Little Starter Playset includes Little Surfer, Little Gymnast, and Little Steps (1 - 6+ yrs). Price: $383.96
  • Little Pro Playset includes Little Climber, Little Rocker, and 2-in-1 Little Accessory (1 - 6+ yrs). Price:$699.96
  • Little Ninja Playset includes Little Climber, Little Rocker, 2-in-1 Little Accessory, Little Surfer, Little Gymnast, and Little Steps. Price: $1,014.71

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Know your budget

Make a budget before you start shopping It will truly assist you in concentrating on the greatest playgrounds you can create and the number of items you can buy. Unless you build the playground on your own, the price of a playset at Lily and River is a bit high. In the next part, we will share some tips to save money if you decide to make a purchase there. No matter what way you choose to build an indoor playground, the three things above are what you need to keep in mind.

Find ways to lower the cost

As you can see, it’s not cheap to build an indoor playground with full items. Therefore, you need some tips to shop at Lilly and River at the most affordable price. Below are common saving tips from customers.

Buy with Lily and River Black Friday sale

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and Lily and River also offers great discounts on this occasion. If you want to give your kids some special gifts at Christmas, you can consider hunting for Lily and River's black Friday sale. It’s really a golden time to save money.

Hunt for a Lily and River discount code

Using discount codes is a common way to save money that every shopper loves. Lily and River sometimes offers discount codes. However, they don’t work for selected orders. You can stay with CouponsDoom to update on the latest Lily and River sale and discount code.

Join Lily and River reward program

When joining Lily and River reward program you will receive a loyalty referral link to invite anyone to the store. For each successful referral, you will receive 10% cashback to save on future orders.


An indoor playground for babies has numerous advantages. During harsh weather, it's a wonderful and safe place for your kids to play, explore, and grow. The most important thing to keep in mind while creating an indoor playground for your baby is that it should give your baby fun and safety.

Lily and River offers enough smart toys to enhance your little’ creativity, self-confidence, motor skill development, balance control, muscle growth, and more. To create an indoor playground at the lowest cost at Lily and River, don’t forget to use the Lily and River discount code from CouponsDoom.