Boost Your Baby Creativity With These Activity Books

Creativity and imagination must be encouraged in the long term. Books are an important part of the creative development process. Explore some famous activity books that parents can use to boost children's imagination and creative problem-solving skills.

Wonder art workshop

Wonder art workshop book is a leading creative child-led experience for nurturing imagination, curiosity, and the love of learning. The art processes the author brings up which include some form of creating new mixture or transformation are the most engaging!

In this book, the author wants to share a warning about a hidden danger in watching children’s Wonder. These are ideas and directions they feel compelled to tell children that undermine their capacities, abilities, and ideas.

Also, storytelling is one of the most important tools parents and educators can use in art-making, as it deeply engages children in the process. Using stories as a background to art-making can help motivate children who are not inclined to make art.

Providing over 25 activities, the book is filled with information on how to set up creative child-led activities. This book is a great creative-teaching resource on any bookshelf for parents. 

Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors

The Tinkerslab book provides all about children exploring and learning how to solve problems with creative thinking. This book guides you through creating a space for children to create, selecting supplies and tools, and how to create habits that encourage creativity. 

With over 50 ideas, you and your baby can try them at home, as well as spend fun time working together to improve relationships. They are clearly and simply explained, with lots of full-color photos throughout. All activities are divided into 4 groups: design, build, concoct, and discover.

Spend $14.99, you'll get many sources for teaching art-making for children. Each section includes activities and interviews and essays in relevant areas, like the value of loose parts, and 10 art-teaching lessons.

Easy paper projects - Maggy Woodley

This book is the most perfect thing in the world to hand to a bored child. Kids will love this engaging new craft book. They love the bright and colorful photos which take you step by step through 60 papercrafts.

In the Easy paper projects of Maggy Woodley, there are lots of origami projects as well as cards to make different paper projects. Many of these projects are suitable for special seasonal and holiday projects.

Maggy Woodley has inspired creations through simple papercraft instructions, to keep the kids happy all year long. Any paper you have can be folded in, cut up, and glued together to make your child's imagination.

If your kid likes making papercraft, buy this book for just $12.99. Don't forget to apply any coupon code for more savings on creative books. 

Draw here - Herve Tullet

The Draw here activity book is perfect for children aged 5 years and up. It has the full beautiful activity of creative drawing prompts. Each page contains a simple drawing prompt along with simple colorful dots as well as black line drawings.

With lots of simple and color dots, your child can start to use their imaginations and explore shapes, as well as draw some simple pictures. This book starts at $14.99, it's an affordable price for useful creativity books.

Bottom line

Imagination skills help children solve all problems in creative thinking ways. Teaching this skill isn't the same as Literacy or Numeracy. Buy these activity books above to boost your kid's creative ability.