Blockchain Hacks: 3 Reliable Learning Resources to Get Blockchain Certification (Part 2)

Understanding the importance of learning blockchain which gives you many good opportunities in the future, we’ve listed the first 3 reliable blockchain learning resources in the previous blog. Here come 3 others.


Codecademy provides a Blockchain certification course that takes about 2 hours to complete and there’s no requirement to learn it. With this course, you will get familiar with the properties and structure of Blockchain along with each block constituting it.

You will get to know the features of this technology that secures each Blockchain participant. This course will help you imagine various Blockchain aspects along with creating and managing the blocks with interactive simulations.

Although this course doesn’t require prerequisites , it’s better to have some Python knowledge. It will make it easier for you to build a Blockchain library of your own in Python, including a Block class and Blockchain class. You also know how to add functionalities to blocks, check the whole chain, and make hashes.

Codecademy has got you covered from Blockchain introduction to a profound understanding of its concepts. Moreover, you can test your competence by quizzes and memorize the syntax. Once you have completed the course, you will earn a certificate and prove your skill to the world. Get this course now and use Codecademy coupons to lower the course’s fee.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

This is one of the best bestselling courses of Udemy that was authored by an award-winning instructor George Levy. Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals is an ultimate course for beginners that help you to gain competence in different aspects of bitcoin and Blockchain.

With this tutorial, you will gain detailed knowledge of digital tokens, Blockchain, smart contracts, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and networks. In addition, you'll also learn about bitcoin mining apart from the misconceptions surrounding bitcoin and Blockchain.

Here are 6 crucial aspects you will learn with this program:

·       Blockchain Fundamentals

·       Bitcoin

·       Cryptocurrency

·       Digital Tokens

·       Bitcoin and blockchain relation

·       Future of Blockchain and more

Besides the foregoing aspects, you are able to get a deep understanding of blockchain technology. The course features quizzes, downloadable resources, articles, and on-demand videos. Even better is that you can access Glossary containing more than 100 essential terms related to Bitcoin and Blockchain for free. Sign up for the course now, apply Udemy promo codes at the checkout to put a huge dent in your payment.


IBM provides a tremendous number of courses and training on Blockchain that allow you to master the technology and get certified as well.

One of the sought-after courses is the Blockchain Foundation Developer. There are more than 15,000 joining in the course and getting a badge for it. With this course, developers gain the knowledge of using a Blockchain ecosystem. The course includes the structures, tools, and required components  to develop a Blockchain and complete projects.

Blockchain on Z – ESE0G is also a useful course that expands your horizon of the technology and its benefits to supply chain, banking, and other networks involving transactions. You can build innovations and feel excited  to enhance transactional processes, asset transfer, and lower risks, time spend, and costs.

·       Some other special Blockchain certifications at IBM:

·       Blockchain overview

·       Blockchain for Business

·       IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Blockchain Platform V1 & V2

·       Blockchain for developers

·       Blockchain for Healthcare professionals

·       Data science and Blockchain

·       IoT and Blockchain Training

It’s worth a shot to try at one of 3 foregoing blockchain learning resources, don’t forget to apply their promo codes at checkout to lower the fee.