3 Best Truck ToolBoxes to Protect Your Equipment in 2022

For many people using trucks for work, keeping gear and tools organized and secure is a tall order. If it’s the case for you, you’re lucky! We provide the 3 best truck toolboxes to help you efficiently protect your equipment in this blog. From Decked to Arksen Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box, you will have one suitable for your needs. Better yet, you can find their savings, such as a Decked discount code to lower your payment.

Decked Truck Tool Box

Decked is the brand that kicks out our list of best truck toolboxes. This toolbox possesses all qualities required: easy to access, won't ding, dent or rust, and the list goes on.

It comes with an optional ladder, so you don’t need to crawl into your truck to take tools and gear. Besides, you can drop it to the ground easily thanks to its unique design. It also takes up minimal space.

The box was built by applying injection molded high-impact resin with galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement. Therefore, you can trust its durability and security. As the box is molded rather than welded, you get a smooth lid and tub with an EPDM gasket. The anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware ensure its long-lasting durability.

Decked truck toolbox boasts a robust lock and latch system. They are designed to make forced entry nearly impossible. Its tub-lid interface reduces pry bar points. Plus, multiple latch points are secured by a single lock.

The price of the box started at $749.99. For the quality, it’s well worth the price it requires. You can save on your purchase with a Decked discount code. Apply the code at the checkout to redeem for savings.

TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox

If you need gear storage yet don’t want to sacrifice the clean look of a fully-covered truck bed, TruXedo TonneauMate ToolBox is right up your alley. This is a one-of-a-kind toolbox with a tonneau-friendly design. Even when the bed is covered, it allows access to the inside.

The star of this toolbox is its lightweight and sturdy build. It's composed of a heavy-duty composite that's completely water and rust-resistant, ensuring years of dependable use. It can hold a tonneau cover and is mounted in an elevated position, allowing you to utilize the entire length of your truck bed. It also has an adjustable mounting system that allows it to be installed in the front, middle, or back of your truck bed.

This model is affordable at $489.99, and compatible with most full-size truck beds, except stepside, flareside, and composite beds. It has a locking mechanism for enhanced security and theft protection, though numerous customers have complained that the lock is difficult to get into in a hurry. The composite construction has a nice appearance and hides scratches that other all-metal boxes show, but if you live in a harsh climate, this box may not last as long as a more expensive, all-metal model. For the price point though, it’s still an excellent value. You can also use Truxedo promotions to lower your payment.

Arksen Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box

The Arksen underbed storage box comes in two sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches. Design-wise, it has a T-handle latch and two locks for security and theft prevention, and is ideal for heavy-duty trucks. It also has a two-position rotary-style latch and a weather seal to keep moisture out. The toolbox is built of corrosion-resistant aluminum diamond plate with a modern and tough polished black finish. One bonus point: It is compact yet sturdy.

It's completely waterproof, and the plastic cap over the keyhole helps to keep moisture out. As you know, this toolbox can take a beating. It offers lots of area for tools, petrol cans, straps, hitches, and other items, and it can be secured or welded directly to the truck bed. Get this ultimate truck toolbox now, use Arksen coupons to save money.


So with these 3 foregoing truck toolboxes, you can protect and organize your truck tool and gears without working up a sweat. They are made of high-quality materials and hands down sturdy. Give them a spin and use their coupons to save on your purchase.