Beauty Tips: Top 3 Do’s And Don’ts For Healthy Nails

Check your fingernails closely to see if they appear to be strong and healthy? Do you see any dents, or regions that are strangely colored or shaped? Many undesirable nail problems can be avoided by following the fingernail care tips in this article.

Do: Keep Your Fingernails Dry And Clean

The first thing to keep in mind to have healthy nails is to keep your fingernails dry and clean to avoid bacteria from developing under them. The fashion trend of having shorter, more natural-looking nails rather than the long talons of the past is now more popular than ever.

Trimming your nails regularly is supposed to keep them healthy and prevent them from snagging or breaking. It is said that the frequency with which you trim your nails will be determined by how quickly they grow, and you should smooth off the edges using a fine file. You can also softly buff the surface of your nails as part of your manicure, especially if you have ridges to make your nails look better.

Do: Try Biotin

According to some studies, biotin, a nutritional vitamin, can help strengthen thin or brittle manicures. Even while you don't need any dietary supplements to ensure strong nails if you consume a healthy, diverse diet, persons with weak nails may benefit from extra biotin, a B vitamin.

Biotin has been shown to help strengthen and grow our nails, so even if you weren't born with strong nails, you can strengthen them by taking biotin every day.

Do: Stick To A Licensed Salon

You need to keep a few things in mind if you get manicures or pedicures to make your nails look healthy. Stick to salons that have a current state license on display and only work with technicians who are likewise state-licensed.

The cuticles operate as a seal between the skin and the nail plate, therefore having them removed can lead to infection. To minimize the spreading of infections, ensure your nail technician sterilizes all equipment used during your nail care process.

You could also inquire how the foot baths are cleaned with your manicurist. The filters should be cleaned regularly and a bleach solution should be used between clients.

Don’t: Use Harsh Polishes

If you really want healthy nails, you may need to put your nail polish away for a while. Many nail polishes remove the thin protective layer that protects the nail, resulting in a weaker nail. Similarly, you should use nail polish remover minimally and choose an acetone-free solution when removing nail polish.

If your nails are too weak to put on nail polish, you should consider Jamberry's nail wraps, which are thin vinyl pieces with designs on them and can last up to two weeks on your fingers. The nail wraps are also significantly less expensive than in a spa, and you can save even more money by using Jamberry Nail coupon codes.

Don’t: Use Your Nails As Tools

Another thing to notice if you want to keep your nails healthy is to avoid scratching or lifting something with your nails, such as a sticker or the tab of a soda can. It might cause breakage by putting pressure on the weakest portion of your nails.

Furthermore, repeatedly soaking your hands in hot, soapy water to wash dishes can weaken even strong nails, because this action dries them out along with the rest of your hands' skin. Water can split fingernails if they are exposed to it repeatedly or for an extended period of time, so protective nail care necessitates the use of gloves to keep your hands safe as you scrub.

Don't: Pull Your Cuticles Or Bite Your Nails

Last but not least, pulling at your cuticles or biting your fingernails can cause damage to the nail bed. Even a tiny cut at the edge of your fingernail might allow the bacteria or fungi to enter and cause infections.

You should consider your cuticles to be similar to the protective caulking that surrounds a bathtub. You can hurt them if you cut them too short or if you push them around too forcefully. As a result, your nail bed is more likely to become infected.


Healthy nails that you can wear anywhere are the result of proper nail care. Besides some manicure essentials, following these guidelines and you will find out your nail care routine may be easy and inexpensive, allowing you to stick to it on a regular basis.