Bearizona Review 2022 - A Go-To Wildlife Park

Along with boating, wildlife parks are also ideal places to visit this season. Amongst them, Berizona is a solid choice for incredible and indelible spring travel. If you’re fond of animals, you should not miss out on this park. Read our review to learn more about it.

Where is Berizona Located?

Bearizona is conventionally located in Northern Arizona and sits in the dead-drop gorgeous Kaibab National Forest. It takes one hour from the south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, a half-hour from the west of Flagstaff, and three hours southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. When you come there, leave your car in the Fort Bearizona parking lot, and go inside to the wildlife center.

What is Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park?

Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park is around 160 acres. The park’s got you covered with modes of transportation, including cars and RV’s. By driving slowly through the lush forest, you can enjoy North American animals in natural habitats. They’re kept in separate areas.

You will have a year of joy when seeing animals cluster close to your vehicle as they’re fed near the road. Pullover to allow any following cars to pass if you wish to stop and watch for a while. It's just a large circle that you can drive around until they close.

You must stay in your vehicle throughout your visit to the drive-thru. Besides, a fully enclosed vehicle with closed windows is obliged to enter the drive-thru section. You can have your windows down for most of the drive-through area, yet there are some animal portions of the park where your windows must be rolled up and doors secured.

What is Fort Bearizona Walk-Thru Area?

If you want to walk around to view animals and enjoy nature rather than be in the car, go for the Fort Bearizona Walk-Thru Area. On this spot, you can view a variety of American mammals. There are also birds of prey shows and also a mine tunnel setting with nocturnal creatures and frightening crawlers. All of them will float your boat.

You can find the majority of animals in this area are smaller. But it’s an adobe for new grizzly bear cubs: Crockett, Hanna, and Sky. It’s certain that you will have a ton of gorgeous pictures at the end to jazz up your Instagram.

Are Bearizona Restaurants Good?

Although a restaurant can be right for one but not for another, the couple of Bearizona restaurants works around the spectrum.

First is the Canyonlands restaurant. 6,000 square wide, it looks like a massive canyon in the Southwest. Its 2-story patio with incredible views of the jaguar exhibit will thrill you and elevate your meal. There is a variety of lunch options, including hickory-smoked barbecue cooked on-site. Gourmet burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, and fresh salads are also the most decadent in this restaurant

The other is Bearizona Grille. Located near the entrance of Fort Bearizona, this restaurant provides you with outside deck dining and features stadium-style favorites. Its hot dogs, warm pretzels, and cheesy nachos will satisfy your palette.

How Much Does Bearizona Cost?

The admission is not fixed; it depends on the age and the day you visit. In general, its price is a bit high. But with what you experience with it, it’s well worth the price. Besides, you can use Bearizona coupons to lower your ticket, up to 15% off.

Bottom Lines

Animal aficionados should not miss out on Bearizona wildlife park – an ideal place for viewing various animals and taking gorgeous photos. Head over to the homepage and book the tickets now, don’t forget to use its coupons to never pay at full price, while enjoying its fullest.