Beach Checklist 2022: 5 Items You Might Forget This Summer

Beacations are always on the top list when summer comes. Most of us know what to prepare for a joyful beach time. Yet, there are certain items we might overlook. Let's find out through our post. 

Hand Sanitizer

It's hard to avoid germs while enjoying the perfect beach day, that's why you should bring hand sanitizer. It helps you and your family enjoy beach picnics, play sports, or other activities safe and clean. 

A perfect option is Baby Bum hand sanitizer. This bottle smells great and will keep you fresh for hours. Enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings while remaining secure with this in your beach bag.

Travel bags

Don't forget to bring at least one tote bag to the beach. It's lightweight and roomy so that you can put everything into it. We recommend an Original Bogg Bag. This is the largest tote, enough for a family day at the beach. Remember to take the Bogg Bag along for all vacations because of its durable, washable, tip-proof, and more. This bag is simple to rinse off at the end of the day, and ready for the next adventure.

The Original Bogg Bag has two clear insert bags. One large insert bag with three white buttons across the back and one tiny insert bag with two white buttons across the back are included in the set. To store smaller goods within reach, just snap the buttons on the back of the insert bags into any free hole on the Bogg Bag (inside or outside). You can buy this bag on the Bogg Bag website. The price is $99.95 and you can save money by applying Bogg Bag coupons

Beach Mat

Beach blankets are necessary, however, you should choose the right one to enjoy perfect beach vacations. There are many beach mats you can choose from. Our recommendation is WildHorn Outfitters beach mat. It's made of parachute material, so it's easy to clean and quick to dry. The beautiful nylon beach blanket is sand proof. Just shake it off when you are done. The blanket measures 63 sq. ft, so it fits the entire family on this oversized. But, it can fold up very compactly for packing purposes. For any excursion, this huge outdoor blanket is a must-have.

Water bottle

Keeping your body hydrated is really important. It's great to bring a water bottle with you when you leave a hotel or cruise.  A filtered water bottle is a simple way to make sure that you can refill your bottle anywhere.

You can choose a LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle for your vacation. This bottle contains a high-tech filter and it lasts up to 4,000 liters, as well as the activated carbon filter lasts up to 100 liters of water with proper use and maintenance. It comes in 2 different sizes and 6 colors. This bottle is eco-friendly on every adventure. 

Waterproof phone case

Do you want to bring your phone into the ocean for selfies? Use a waterproof phone case to do that now. It features a snap and locks closure to avoid water and sand in your phone. The size fits all smartphones up to 7.0" diagonal size. With some big-screen phones, you need to remove the protective case before adding it to the waterproof case.

Although it covers to protect your phone from sand and water, you still have full use of your touchscreen and camera with a clear window on both front and back sides. It makes it easy to take photos, videos, and other work. Currently, JOTO Universal waterproof pouch cellphone dry bag case is up to 40% off, and you can buy it at $10.99.  

Final words

These 5 items are necessary for any beacations. We hope you have got this beach packing list checked. Don’t forget to use Bogg bag coupon for savings.