Baby Strollers Guide: How To Choose The Great One For Your Kid?

The right stroller definitely makes your daily life much easier. Here comes the simple guide about strollers, so you can know how to buy a stroller that you and your baby love.

Types of strollers

There are lots of different types of strollers that you can choose from:

  • All-purpose strollers are perfect for all-day activities, including walking around the neighborhood or strolling through a store.
  • Travel systems: which combine in both strollers and infant car seats. Parents can choose it from day one and don't need to disturb babies during the car-seat-to-stroller and back transfer.
  • Lightweight strollers: which are less weight than traditional strollers. It's easy to carry when broken down.
  • Double strollers: which are suitable for twins or little ones close in age.

When you need strollers

Strollers can be used anytime when you have a walk. If your stroller accommodates an infant car seat or a bassinet, you can use it from birth. If not, you can start to use the stroller when your baby is around 6 months old, when they can sit up and have neck control.

Almost all strollers can hold kids up until they have 50 pounds of weight. So, although a stroller is quite expensive, it's a necessary baby gear that you'll get a ton of use out of.

Things to consider when buying strollers

Choosing the right baby stroller for every age and stage can make family outings way easier.

The location you use

Many strollers are big and bulky, which is not ideal if you're navigating narrow city streets. However, a smaller stroller might not work effectively if you need a stroller basket big enough to bring many things for your baby.

Depending on where you go and where you use a stroller, it can be easier to choose which one is suitable for you.

Time to use a stroller

Let's think about your plan of using a stroller for babies. Do you want to use the same stroller for multiple kids? If yes, choose a stroller for a long-term value, and consider a model you can add onto, such as a car seat, a stand-and-ride bumper, or even an extra seat.

The weight of a stroller

Each stroller has a different weight, so take time to find the suitable one for your strength. Some manufacturers call a 25-pound stroller lightweight, while others can weigh only 12-pound. A lightweight stroller can be more beneficial if you're an on-the-go parent or live in a city. You can bring a lot of things when carrying a baby and walk for a long distance.

Extra features

Besides basic requirements, some modern strollers have some extra features. You should look for some extent features to make sure your baby is safe while going outside

  • Safety features: make sure the stroller you want meets basic safety requirements.
  • Sun canopy: Choose the one that keeps the baby shielded from sun, rain, and other weather issues. you should select the model which has clear windows, so you can protect your baby every time.
  • Fabric: take a look at an easy-to-wash fabric. You need to make a stroller clean when your kid is in there. 
  • Storage: A big undercarriage can be an advantage for you that you can put everything for your baby on.

Bottom line

To sum up, safety comes first when choosing a stroller for your baby. Almost all stroller models meet basic standards, but a few extra features make your baby feel comfortable. Take time to compare between some strollers and choose the right one for your family.