3 Athletic Brewing’s Non-Alcohol Beers That Are Worth Drinking

Athletic Brewing is well-known for its unique non-alcohol beer, satisfying your desire for suds yet keeping you healthy. They provide a wide range of tastes that will make you swoon. In this blog, we highlight the top 3 Athletic Brewing Non-Alcohol beers that are high-rated by beer connoisseurs. And don’t forget to use an Athletic Brew discount code at the end of this post to lower your purchase.

Top 3: Cerveza Atletica

If you are a fan of beer with Mexican style, Althetic Brewing Cerveza Atletica is a solid choice. Once opening the can and pouring to the glass, you’ll see the dark amber hue, reminiscent of other Mexican lagers such as Negra Modelo. The pour also had a good-sized cream-colored head that faded slowly.

Anyone who tried this style of beer will recognize the familiar aroma, which is difficult to describe in words. It’s kind of a mix of malt, caramel, a hint of grass, and copper itself. None of these scents are overpowering or particularly distinct, but they combine to create a nice subtle blend that has come to represent.

The first sips are similar, but with a few key differences. The best way to describe the flavor profile is "a little bit of everything." In addition to the aromas mentioned above, certain people detected hints of syrup on the tongue. There was also a faint aftertaste of apple. In the finish, there were some floral hops and more malt, but nothing lingered too long.

Top 2: Upside Dawn

Upside Dawn is also one of the most-picked at Athletic Brew with the Classic craft Golden Ale Style. It first appears in 2018 and has the world falling in love with its decent taste.

Upside Dawn pours a nice golden color, with soft-looking foam that encircles the glass and leaves a bubble island. It features a slight haze to it. The aroma is dominated by fruit, with mango, orange, and grapefruit on a light malt foundation. There are also hints of pine, sherbet, and caramel. The body is medium in size, with small, aggressive bubbles that belie the slack appearance. The mouthfeel is slightly filmy.

The flavors are similar to the aromas, with peach and grapefruit representing the fruits, and pale malts that complement the fruit flavors. The bitterness is light at first, but it soon begins to overpower the simple flavors. This drink caps off with a sweet taste.

Top 1: Run Wild IPA

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA is an alcohol-free beer that easily wins the hearts of any bear aficionados. It’s gentle and approachable, rather than bombastic in its flavor presentation.

Run Wild pours a dark amber ale with a lot of foam and a bouncy head. Like Upside Down, it has a slight haze. It offers varied flavors, with pale malts, pine, grass, sherbet, orange, grapefruit, and a hint of brown bread. There's an unfinished character, as well as a sulfur puff in beer.

The mouthfeel and body are excellent. It's silky and smooth, with tight but gentle bubbles. In the mouth, the medium body feels heavy. The aroma is more diverse than the taste. There's roasted orange, roasted barley, and a hint of passionfruit. Fortunately, none of the worthy or sulfur flavors make it into the flavor. Run Wild has a strong bitterness that dominates the milder flavors until you get used to it after a few sips. This allows the bitterness to fade, revealing a fruity but dry finish.

Bottom Lines

These 3 foregoing Athletic Brewing alcohol-free beers give you unique drinks to sip in. They’re at the same price: $13.99 for 6 pax. For what you experience with them, they’re bang for your buck. Yet, you can use an Athletic Brewing discount code to lower your purchase, up to 50% off.