Apollo Neuro Review 2022: A Magic Stress Reliever

Stress is inevitable in life, yet you need to learn how to relieve it. Luckily, Apollo Neuro – a stress relief wearable device – is an easy yet practical way. In this blog, we will walk you through this incredible stress reliever, and a place to get an Apollo Neuro coupon code to save on your purchase.

What Is Apollo Neuro?

The Apollo Neuro is a wearable gadget that generates carefully calibrated vibrations to relieve stress, boost mental clarity, lessen anxiety, and improve sleep. It's about the size of a large wristwatch, you can wear it on your wrist or ankle.

Once wearing, it emits inaudible low-frequency vibrations that can assist activate the parasympathetic nervous system, lower heart rate, and especially increase heart rate variability (HRV). You can swiftly adjust to and deal with stressful events thanks to your high HRV.

How Does Apollo Neuro Work?

Apollo Neuro features seven different modes. Each of them uses different vibration patterns and frequencies based on the physiological needs and responses associated with that sort of activity. They break down as follows:

  • - Energy and Wake Up: Designed to raise your heart rate and help you feel more alert and energized. It’s the most powerful mode, with the intensity turned down to 30%. So it’s ideal to use when you first wake up, when you're tired in the afternoon, or when you're having difficulties keeping awake during a long meeting.
  • - Clear and Focused: Designed to stimulate and refresh. The goal is to improve your concentration levels whether at work or running errands during the day. You should start this mode at an intensity level of 40% or lower, then gradually increase as needed.
  • - Social and Open: This mode is for persons who want to boost their mood and energy levels before engaging with others at work or in social situations. The vibrations are weaker than in the Energy and Wake Up or Clear and Focused modes, but they are still noticeable.
  • - Rebuild and Recover: Its vibrational frequencies help your body restore to homeostasis when you're feeling under the weather, recently finished a tough workout, or are stressed. It is intended to help you quickly restore your natural resting heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure following physical or mental exertion.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Works to connect your body and mind, relax, and enter a contemplative state. It combines bodily awareness and HRV improvement vibrational frequencies. This mode is supposed to assist reduce persistent tension and muscle soreness, and it can be used while meditation.

Relax and Unwind: This mode activates the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nerve system, letting you relax and decompress before bed.

Sleep And Rewind: Designed for use right before or while falling asleep. It’s a good companion for energy and waking up.

After a few minutes after turning on your Apollo, your chosen mode should fully activate. You can even program your preferred modes to start at predetermined times. Tap on the clock icon on your Apollo Neuro app to schedule modes.

Apollo Neuro Features

Apollo Neuro is entirely made of plastic. It features two buttons on the side to increase or decrease the current mode's intensity level, and a micro-USB connector on the backside to charge the battery.

Here are some other Apollo Neuro design features:

  • - Band: Made of neoprene, it’s designed to fit around the wrist or ankle using a Velcro enclosure. Each order includes two bands. One is made to accommodate a medium wrist or small ankle, while the other is made to fit a large wrist or large ankle.
  • - Size: The Apollo weighs 1.4 ounces with the band connected. This makes it far lighter than many other watch-style devices available. However, the Apollo is hefty and may be uncomfortable for those with thinner wrists. Therefore, it’s better to wear the device around your ankle.
  • - Battery Life: Apollo's battery lasts around six to eight hours. You can definitely prolong the battery life over the course of a single day as you use the gadget in intervals rather than continually. Remember that higher intensity levels deplete the battery faster than lower intensity levels. It can take up to four hours to fully charge the Apollo.
  • - Water Exposure: The Apollo is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. The device should not be worn in the shower or while swimming.

How Much Does Apollo Neuro Cost?

The Apollo Neuro gadget is at $349. With the overall value and functions, it’s well worth the money it requires. The good news is that all orders come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to give it a shot.

Besides, you can lower your order by an Apollo Neuro coupon code. Apply it at the checkout to lower your total payment, up to 80% off. Check out all Apollo Neuro coupon codes here.


Apollo Neuro is worth your investment thanks to its incredible function for stress reduction. You should own it now and frequently use it for your better mental health. Also, use an Apollo Neuro coupon code to save on your purchase.