7 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Video Doorbell to Your Home

As fall is coming, people revamp the front porch with many stunning décor items for the seasonal change. But adding a video doorbell is a sheer game changer as it packs quite a punch to your home. In this article, we will walk you through 7 reasons why you should install a video doorbell to your home.

Knowing Who is At The Door

The main function of this device, no need to say much, is to allow you to know who is at your door.

With a video doorbell, you can get a clear view of who is there without tiptoeing  to look out the peephole and see who is on the other side. You thus don’t have to stop what you are doing. Besides, by knowing who is at the door, you can consider whether it is safe to open the door.

Speaking To Visitors Without Opening Door

Video Doorbell provides two-way communications that allow you to talk with visitors without getting near the door. So when they are strangers, you can talk with them to determine their purpose before opening the door. You can even  address the visitor at the door whether or not you are at home thanks to the smartphone communications feature.

For example, if you're at work and a stranger rings the video doorbell, you can reply and send them on their way via the smartphone without making them know that you aren’t home. That goes a long way in minimizing the chance of theft, providing an added measure of safety.

Detering and Catching Burglars

Installing doorbell cameras in plain sight will help you steer clear of break-ins or theft. Cameras are on the mission to warn burglars that an alarm and security system is in place and can deter crime.

If the worst happens, a wireless smart doorbell can provide video evidence of a criminal. That makes it easier for police to catch the offender and recover your belongings before they're sold.

Avoiding Delivery Waits

According to Murphy’s law, if you leave the house for just a moment in a delivery window, you'll miss the call. Worst yet, the delivery man will either come late or never even arrive and he will pretend that you didn't answer the door. Then, the video doorbell will help you to solve any argument about when they actually arrived.

It’s even practical for unattended deliveries. By verifying the camera remotely from your smartphone, you can go home and take the package indoors lest opportunistic thieves steal it, without having to take the entire day off work just to be home to answer the door.

Besides, you can take advantage of the two-way communication feature of a video doorbell to talk with the delivery driver via your smartphone app and instruct him where to leave the package.

Keeping Kids In Line

Video doorbells are also on the mission to help you to keep your eyes to your kids when they play outside the front of your house, even if you’re immersing yourself at the home office or enjoying a movie.

For some people, leaving kids at home makes them feel like a cat on a hot brick, even when they’re with a babysitter. They are not able to know what they are doing at home when you’re not there. If you are that kind of person, a video doorbell is just the ticket as they will help you to review video footage through our app on your electronic device.

In addition, with the two-way audio ability of your video doorbell, you can talk with your children while you’re away and that makes you feel comforted.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

In a world driven by technology, homeowners are growingly interested in smart homes. In fact, connected homes enabled with smart technology, especially security and safety technologies, are more enticing to buyers. Therefore, along with immediate safety benefits, video doorbells will boost the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Lowering Your Insurance Cost

This ultimate security device doesn’t cost much, and will save you quite a bit of money as you don’t have to pay much for insurance fees. Insurance companies also love this sort of status, they encourage the homeowners to use this security system through their discount offers.

With 7 foregoing benefits of installing a video doorbell, you should own it now to take your home to a new level. Also use video doorbell coupons to get it at a fraction of cost.