7 Home Items You Clean Too Often

Everyone wants their house to be clean. However, there are some places and items you might be cleaning too often. So, put a broom down, relax and check the 7 items you don't need to clean much in this post.



Don't spend all your time on laundry. You might wash your clothes too often. Unless you have really dirty clothes or drop food everywhere, most clothes can be worn more than once. 

However, underwear, socks, and workout gear should be washed after every wearing. You'll wash many fewer if every member doesn’t toss a shirt in the hamper after just trying it on. You'll have lots of free time to enjoy your habit and save money on electricity, water, and laundry products.

Curtains and drapes

Drapes in living rooms and bedrooms don't need to be washed frequently. Just cleaning one time per year is enough. If you are worried about dust, put them down and toss them in the dryer on the 'air only' cycle to remove all the dust. Avoid using heat because some fabrics can shrink.

For curtains in kitchens, you should wash more often. They might catch grease particles and aerosol over-sprays. So, the best time is once for each season.

Bed pillows

You should wash pillowcases and bed covers every week. They always have direct contact with your skin and body, so make sure they're the cleanest. 

However, bed pillows don't need to be washed weekly. Just every three to six months is great. Washing more often will wear them out quickly.

Almost all bed pillows can be washed at home. Wash them with laundry soap and let them dry thoroughly.

Kitchen pantry

In your kitchen, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned weekly to store both cooked and raw foods. But, your pantry doesn't need that much attention. 

You should make it clean once or twice a year. Empty it and clean all shelves. Take a look at any insects and remove them to protect your food. Please read expiration dates before you sort and organize.


Ceiling fan

In your house, a clean light fixture gives your house more light. But if you are dusting all the light fixtures in your home every week, stop and take a rest. 

Ceiling lighting and fans can be cleaned once a month. Each week, you can set a schedule to clean the fan in different rooms. Remember to clean the overhead fixtures first, so that any uncaptured dust falls to the floor to be vacuumed away. Read more to know how to clean your fan.

Range hood filter

Range hood filter is very important in the kitchen. It helps to collect grease, so it'll become less effective once the grease builds up. 

To clean them, you just need to remove them, put them in a sink, and wash them with hot water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid. Leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes, you need to scrub the remaining grease off with a brush and rinse clean. Dry the filters with paper before replacing them.


Cleaning windows once a month is enough. It includes cleaning both the inside of the glass and the windowsills. if you wait for overcast days to clean all windows, you'll reduce the chance of leaving streaks on the glass.

When cleaning windows, you should have some high-quality washing tools to get the highest effectiveness. Keep your squeegee fitted with a sharp and new rubber blade. Depending on your window, you can use 10 or 12-in squeegees. Don't forget to bring a bucket, a scrubber or a sponge. If the window is too high, use a ladder to stand to clean all of them.


We all want our house to be beautiful and neat. However, as you can see, not every item in your house needs washing too much.  Spend that time on more necessary activities such as family bonding.