7 Children's Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Surround Them With Joy

As parents, we wish that our children are always happy. A funny and creative bedroom will keep them in a good mood.

However, many parents find it hard to give their children space with great looks. If it’s the case for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated 7 children’s bedroom decorating ideas from thoughtful parents and designers. From old western to vintage cool style, your little one will love it so much.

Personalized Fun

You are the one who knows what your children love the most. So take advantage of it to decorate their bedroom, be it a preferred sports item, beloved toys, or favorite animal picture.

Besides, let your child create his own decor by Board and Brush personalized kits for kids. They boast huge arrays of adorable adorn and all essentials kits for decoration. You can help him or let him do it himself. They are on sale now for only $48.00, you can also use a Board and Brush discount code to save huge on your purchase.

Shabby Chic-and-Peek

This Shabby Chic nursery decorating idea is rustic, offering a warm and cozy look for your children's bedroom. The star of this décor is an eye-catching screen door. It not just vamps up the space, but also helps you keep an eye on your little one without having to open the door. Besides, your children are safe from mosquitoes, rodents, and get fresh air with this type of door.

Zoo Trip

Every child is fond of the zoo, so they transfer their bedroom into their dream wildlife. To create this room décor, you need Zebra Wallpaper. And a good place to get it is Kravet, use Kravet promo codes to lower your purchase. Then, add various stuffed animals to the room to make it more vivid. For the bed and the ceiling light, you should go for a vintage type as it fits this décor.

Swinging Times

This bedroom décor is a key to your children's whale time. A beautiful swing lets your children cuddle up all the time in their space.

The most ideal swing for this décor is the Mina Acrylic Ball Hanging Chair from RH Teen. It’s super-chic and see-through that won’t take up much visual space. Get it now for $1190.00, use an RH Teen coupon to get it at a better rate.

Cozy Reading Nook

Reading is good for your children, and this cozy reading nook bedroom décor is the ideal way to encourage your little one to read more. Create a simple hoop canopy with comfy cushions and a soft fur throw rug for an adorable reading nook. Then your little one will love to immerse himself in reading.

For the Little Diva

Your daughter will thank you so much if you make this creative and fun room decoration for her. It’s adorable with the pink stripes, beaded chandelier, and fabulous fabric on the windows. But what makes this room really outstanding is the costume play area has an impressive costume wardrobe as well as a curtained-off stage with chairs for an appreciative audience. Mount a curved shower rod to the wall to make your little girl feel like she is in the spotlight.

Map Quest

Let your little one travel around the world with this map quest decoration. Simply use a world wallpaper and fasten it in his room. You can get it at Wallsauce, use Wallsauce coupons to save up to 60% off on your purchase.


We want to bring our kids all the best children clothing brands – not only the best clothes to make them cut a dash, but also a creative and compelling bedroom to let them stay in the unique oasis. Make use of these 7 children decorating ideas to show your love to your little one.