6 Things You Need to Build Your Tree House

Having a treehouse in your backyard comes with lots of perks. Every kid loves playing in the treehouse. Treehouses are also good for your stress. The feeling of tranquility that comes from sitting on a tree makes you calm and takes care of depression. It also helps your kids to get in touch with nature. When kids play in the treehouse, they absorb natural light, relieving them from any seasonal diseases. Building a treehouse might look easy at first, but if you want a perfect treehouse, then there are a few things that you should consider. We brought you the list of the 6 things that you need to build a beautiful treehouse.

1. Blueprint of the treehouse

Before building your treehouse, the first thing to consider is to find the right tree or trees and make a detailed blueprint. Make sure to pick a big tree with strong and thick branches. You can also pick more than two or three adjacent trees to make a sturdy treehouse. Drawing a blueprint is an essential step. Make sure you consider your house structure and the height of your treehouse. Don't forget to ask your kids about their opinion. Check out these premade tree house blueprint coupons if you are having difficulty making the perfect blueprint.

2. Wood

Choosing the best wood for your treehouse depends on you. You can use any of the strongest quality of wood but make sure that it is environment friendly. Also, make sure that the wood you are using is not going to hinder the growth of your tree; if you use the wrong type of wood, it might weaken your tree. Exterior plywood is ideal for making tree house floors. It is strong and can endure moisture to some extent. It makes your floor rigid so that it wouldn’t bend due to weight.

3. Building Tools

Make sure that every tool you might need while building your treehouse is right in front of you. You are going to spend most of your time on a ladder so keep your tools close. Sort out everything beforehand based on the blueprint. You will only tire yourself out if you have to climb the ladder up and down to change tools. Check out these treehouse building tool coupons if you don't have the tools you need.

4. Glass and iron

You don't need glass and iron if you are building a small tree house for your kids to play with. But if you are making a big treehouse for everyone, you will need a strong structure, doors, and windows. You can use iron to make a sturdy footing for your treehouse. Make sure to use glass to make beautiful windows. You can also use iron for building the roof and doors of your treehouse.

5. Ladder

After your treehouse is complete and up in the tree, the next step will be building a ladder. Treehouses are usually high up in the trees, and you can't get in them without a ladder. But that doesn't mean you can stick a simple and straight ladder down the tree to climb up. The design and type of ladder matter a lot. Make sure to make your ladder with sturdy steps, and you can even use rope or even a climbing wall to make things more creative. 

6. Paint

Painting and designing are the last steps of building a treehouse. Some people prefer not to paint their treehouse to give it a natural look, but it is not ideal. If you want your treehouse to last for long, you have to paint the wood to give it some resistance against moisture. You can use design to make it match your house. With that, it will give it a perfect image. Check out these paint and design coupons for your treehouse.

Final Words

If you are a DIY-er, it will be simple for you to build your ideal treehouse. But being simple doesn't make it easier and less time-consuming. Although you can do everything right, some steps require labor and precision. And if you are trying to make it under a time limit, you alone will not be enough. It is better to call a professional to help when you think there is something that you will not be able to complete.