6 Plants that will Make your House Look Fresh

Plants are natural air purifiers as they remove all the toxins and only release fresh oxygen for us to breathe. However, there are so many varieties of plants that you may get stuck in choosing the right ones. Also, some plants suit the house environment better than other plants. So, today we will talk about 6 plants that will make your house look fresh and healthy with their aura.

1. English Ivy

English ivy is one of the most popular air-cleaning plants you need to add to your indoor plant collection. They have so many benefits like benzene and formaldehyde removing that are toxins. Most importantly, it unblocks the nasal and air passageways for people who have lungs issues like bronchitis. The best part about English ivy is that you can keep it in any container you want, not affecting its growth. You can keep it in a hanging basket or a jar and place it in your living area, where you spend most of your time with family. Check out these English Ivy coupons if you want to buy the plant and save some bucks. 

2. Lavender

If you want to make the house looks aesthetic and smell good without taking care of the plant that much, lavender is your best choice. The best part about the Lavender plant is that they can tolerate mild fluctuations in temperature and the perfect purple flower make them no less than an expensive home accessory. All you need to do is buy a pot and keep them inside, and it will grow beautifully. Check out these lavender pot coupons and save money on both plant and pot.

3. Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the most essential household succulents as they have the unique ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen even at night. The products we use in our home can have persistent sir pollutants and carcinogens like paints and dyes, but the snake plant filters air and removes all such toxins, making them an ideal choice to keep in your bedroom. Moreover, snake plants don't require that much water and still look super unique, so you can also use them as a home décor item.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that has so many medicinal and cosmetic uses. The only problem with a rosemary plant is that it needs a surplus amount of sunlight. Otherwise, it will die. So, you can keep this plant indoors and outdoors, where it can grow up to 3 feet. Another benefit of keeping the Rosemary plant in your house is that you will get rid of bugs because of the pungent smell. Check out these Rosemary plant coupons if you want to get discounts on your purchase. 

5. Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer lemon trees are easy maintenance even if you want to grow them indoors or on your balcony, but you will have to care for them. One thing famous about Meyer lemon trees is that they thrive in high humidity, so you have to keep your environment humid you will have to provide them plenty of water. These plants have lemons which means you have your own personalized source of vitamin C at home. Moreover, they have anticancer and antitoxin properties, which means they purify the air as well.

6. Peace Lilies

The last plants on our list are peace lilies that look super gorgeous, but above that, they are great indoor plants. They have a characteristic of breaking down toxins in the air; hence cleaning is and making it fresh for us. Apart from air-purifying, peace lilies like their name are soothing for patients with kidney stones, conjunctivitis, and joint problems. The best part about peace lilies is that they help retain water in the body. Check out these peace lily coupons and make the most out of this nature’s wonder. 

Final Words

Here we will end our article about the plants you need to have in your house for a healthy lifestyle. And we firmly believe that you will enjoy your house’s aura even more with them. If you want to know more about other great healthy lifestyle ideas, stay tuned.