6 Pedicure Essentials for Beautiful Feet

With our busy everyday routine, it is hard to keep track of everything. We tend to neglect some matters which we think are not that important. Foot and nail care are one of these matters. When summer comes, everyone starts using sandals. It is the time where your toes finally get free of work boots. It is also the time you realize that you didn't take care of your feet throughout the winter. Here are a few tips that might help you if you want to restore your feet and style in summer footwear.

1. Saltwater bath

Many people go to saloons for pedicure and foot care. But that doesn't mean it is the ideal option. First, it takes a lot of time, and second, it can get quite expensive. You don't have to worry about these matters because you can give yourself a pedicure at home. Every pedicure begins with a salt water bath. All you have to do is take some warm water, add Epsom salt and let your feet soak in it for half an hour. 

2. Gentle exfoliator

After you give your feet a saltwater bath, the next step is a gentle exfoliator. If you are treating your feet after a long time, you will find a lot of dead skin. The best way of getting rid of that dead skin is soaking your feet in the bath a few times and then using a foot brush to exfoliate your dead skin gently. It will get your feet back to their healthy and fresh appearance. Make sure to be gentle while doing this without using much force, or it will end up damaging your skin. Check out these feet exfoliator coupons if you want an exact saloon pedicure at home.

3. Foot peeler

We move to foot peelers if there is still dead skin left after doing a gentle exfoliator. A foot peeler might seem like it might harm your feet, but it is perfectly safe and a good remedy for hard dead skin on your feet. Foot peeler comes in different shapes and sizes, so you have to pick one suits you. You can also use a chemical-based foot peeler if your feet don’t have serious cracks. Check out these foot peeler coupons to get the best quality products at a discounted price.

4. Nail cutter/filer

When you are giving yourself a pedicure, cutting and filing your nails is a must. You can cut your nails with a good nail cutter to avoid cracks. Make sure to cut equally from both feet to give your pedicure a professional touch. Filing is different from cutting. If your nails are too long, you have to use the filer with care or break the tip. File your nail to give them a smooth and perfect shape. Take your time with this step and do it carefully because if you break one of your nails accidentally, you will have to balance the rest as well. Check out these nail filer coupons to get the best filer for your home pedicure.

5. Jojoba oil/ moisturizer

Keeping your feet healthy requires a good moisturizer. Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizing product. It seals your skin and doesn't let the moisture get out. Giving your feet a glossy and healthy look. The best part about using this oil is its non-comedogenic nature. It means it is just like your skin oil, and it doesn't cause any skin problems. It is wax, and your skin can easily absorb it.

6. Nail paint

Dressing your nails is the last step for a complete pedicure at home. Pick the right nail paint and slowly apply it. Don't rush it and remove any extra paint on your feet. Make sure to keep your toes separate and let the paint dry for some time. Colors matter the most when it comes to nail paint. Check out these nail paint coupons for the best quality nail paints on the market.

Final words

Taking care of your feet and nails is essential. Our feet carry us anywhere we want to go, but most people don't take care of their feet at all. It only ends up with people having serious problems regarding their feet, such as lots of dead skin and other feet infections. Keep your feet clean and healthy and give yourself a pedicure now and then at home without wasting your money and time.