6 Must-Have Cooking Pans You Need in your Kitchen

If you are thinking about getting the right cooking tools for your kitchen, you know how confusing it can get when it comes to cookware like pans and skillets. If you want to cook a perfect dish, then you have to use the right cookware. There are a sheer number of options when it comes to cooking pans. Some people get confused while buying pans and buy a whole set that comes with many pans that you don't even need. Instead of spending extra money on something you are not going to use, here are the 6 must-have cooking pans that cover every dish you might want to cook.

1. Sauce Pan

Having a saucepan is a must for your Kitchen. A saucepan is a deep pan that comes with a long handle. You can guess from its name that it is best for making sauces, but you can cook lots of other foods in it. It is deep enough to boil water for you to cook the macaroni. You can also cook gravy, rice, and even caramel in it. It is made of many materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Check out these quality saucepans coupons, and make sure to buy a 3-size saucepan because it's best for most of the foods you will cook.

2. Frying Pan

You need a frying pan if you are going to fry brown or sear food. A frying pan comes with a flat bottom, and you can get one as big as 30 cm for your Kitchen. The best part about having a frying pan is that you can fry food at high heat. Frying pans are usually thick and evenly round with low sides that flare a little outward for even heat conduction. It is precisely the opposite of a saucepan that keeps the moisture in. Check out these high-quality frying pan coupons to buy the best product for your Kitchen.

3. Grill Pan

You need a grill pan if you are going to cook meat in your Kitchen. A grill pan is the same as a frying pan, only with raised ridges inside it. Most grill pans are non-stick for easily cooking meat. If you want to grill something and don't feel like using the outside grill, then a grill pan is your best option. Some of these don't even come with sides. And the ones that come with sides are shallow and easy to use. 

4. Roasting Pan

A roasting pan is the best cookware to roast food in a cooking oven. You can use other pans like a cast-iron pan in the same way, but the roasting pan works the best if you are roasting meat, then you can use the rack inside the pan to roast it like a professional chef. You can roast meat with or without seasoning on the rack and, at the same time, roast some vegetables in the pan. If you are planning to cook whole chicken and turkeys, you need a tool like this one.

5. Stock Pot

If you are looking for a multi-purpose cooking pan, make sure to have a stock pan in your Kitchen. A stockpot is the name of one of the most used cooking pans worldwide to cook various types of foods. It cooks broth or stock that can change into lots of complex dishes afterward. It is deep and wide, so you can cook a large quantity of whatever you are cooking. Check out these best stockpot coupons.

6. Non-stick Skillet

A non-stick skillet is a frying pan that lets you brown your food while cooking without worrying about it sticking it to the pan. It is easy to clean and use. It comes with a slick coating to keep food from sticking to the pan. It also needs little oil while cooking something compared to non-coated pans. Check out these non-stick skillet coupons to get easy to clean cookware for your Kitchen at a discounted price.

Final Words

So, that concludes our recommendations for the 6 must-have cooking pans for your Kitchen. This list covers all the pans you will need for cooking, frying, brewing, roasting, and grilling food. It covers most of the dishes you are thinking of making, so stick to these six instead of buying many other pans.