6 Manicure Essentials for Gorgeous Nails

Manicure is a beauty treatment for your hand and nails. From massaging hands to shaping and filing nails, everything is a part of manicure treatment. People might think that manicure is just for beauty purposes, but it comes with many benefits. Regular manicure helps to improve your nail health. Massaging your hand enhances blood circulation as it gives your hands a healthy look. It is also a good remedy if your hands are numb. It also takes your mind off other matters and helps you get rid of stress. Here are the 6 things you need to do for a complete manicure at home.

1. Nail file

Nail filing is the first step of your manicure treatment. Having long nails is not a problem, but it can hurt your nails and others if you are not taking the proper care. Nail filing helps you shape your nails. You can make the tip smooth to avoid hurting yourself. It is essential to take some time to file your nails slowly. If you are not patient, it might affect your nail's shape or even break the tip. Then you will have to cut and shorten the length. 

2. Cotton pads

It is essential to keep cotton pads while doing a manicure. It can help you remove your previous nail paint. All you have to do is apply the remover to the cotton pad and then wipe the stain off gently. It also helps with applying nail cream. Instead of using your hand, a cotton pad can quickly and thoroughly apply the cream to your nails. Check out these cotton pad coupons used for manicures and other nail treatments.

3. Cuticle clipper

After treating your nails, you should check for any dead skin around your cuticles. Dead skin gives your hands a rough and dry image. Even if it is just a little bit, it will provide you with a lot of trouble. Removing the dead skin is essential, but you might bleed if you don't clip it the right way. Using a cuticle clipper is the ideal option. Cuticle clippers come in a safe shape and don't let you cut deeper to avoid bleeding.

4. Basecoat

Applying a base coat to your nail is essential for your manicure to last longer. A base coat comes with lots of benefits. It evens the texture of your nail by sealing minor cracks. It makes nail paint stick easier. Many cosmetic products contain chemicals that can damage your skin, and nail paint is no different. Basecoat shields your nail from side effects. It also stops the nail paint from peeling off. Check out the base coat coupons for a good manicure.

5. Nail polish

After you are done applying the base coat, you can start styling your nails. Basecoat gives a smooth texture, so you don't have to worry about balancing the nail polish. Not many things matter if you are good at applying nail polish. All you need is a good product, and you can easily style your nails. You can also do it without the base coast, but then the nail polish will start peeling. If you don't have good quality nail polish, you can't draw designs on your nails. Check out these nail polish coupons for some of the best brands out there.

6. Clearcoat

The clear coat is not much different from nail polish. It is easy to peel and doesn't stick for too long. The only difference is that the clear coat is colorless. Why apply a colorless coat to your nails? It gives your nails a glossy look. It makes the nail polish stick for longer and protects it from scratches and cracks. It hardens as you let it dry. You don't have to limit yourself by applying it at the end. You can use it over the base coat if you only want a glossy look.

Final Words

Manicures are essential not only for your hands and nails but also for your mind. You can relax if you focus on massaging your hands and dressing your nails. It can help you deal with built-up stress. It also helps with your health. You don't have to spend money and waste your time going to a nail salon. Just follow these essential steps and give yourself and satisfying manicure at home.