6 Easy and Yummy Beverage Options for Guests

The first thing to offer your guests is a welcome beverage to give them instant refreshment. When guests come to your house during summer, they need a chilled beverage to feel relaxed. It also shows them your hospitality and good wishes. Picking a welcome drink can get a little tricky because everyone has their taste and likings. If you have people coming over for a party, entertaining all of your guests with their preferred drinks gets harder. So here are the 6 easy and yummy beverage options for guests that won’t cost you much and everyone will like them.

1. Hot apple cider

If you have guests coming over from a long journey, then hot apple cider is the ideal option as a welcome beverage. It is a warm, unsweetened, and non-alcoholic drink made from apples. Hot apple cider not only calms the other person, but it is also great for health. People use this drink to stay healthy and lower risks for various cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes. Preparing this drink does not require much effort and everyone likes it. Check out these hot apple cider coupons for discounts if you also want this beverage.  

2. Mango mules

Who doesn't like mangoes? If you want to entertain your guests and couldn't find the ideal drink to welcome them, then stick to the good old mangos. Mango mule mocktail is a drink for people who don't like too much alcohol. With the pandemic and all of the covid stuff, people start to let off their drinking habits for better health. If you also want to share this positive behavior with your guest, mango mules are your best choice.

3. Watermelon margarita

When you have guests coming over, you have to prepare many things around your house, and sometimes it gets tiring. If you are tired and don't want to bother with making a special drink for your guest and at the same time don't want to mistreat them, then you should go with a watermelon margarita. It is an easy-to-make and yummy beverage that only needs three ingredients and it is a fun and refreshing cocktail drink. Check out these watermelon margarita coupons and serve your guests without spending that much.

4. Lavender lemonade

Nothing can be more complicated than dealing with tired guests on a hot summer day. If you have such guests, come over to your house, then the first thing you should do is offer them lavender lemonade. It is a chilled drink, best for dealing with headaches and fatigue. It is also commonly known as the baby shower drink. For parties and gatherings, having a light and cool drink adds up to the fun. Guests love this drink due to its good taste and how great it looks. What's more, you only need sugar, water, honey, dried lavender, and lemon juice to make it.

5. Jasmine iced tea

Jasmine iced tea gives a gentle and sweet floral profile. After you make the tea, it gives off a fresh and perfumed aroma, quickly catching the eyes of your guests. It is a high-end drink that takes a little effort to prepare. You have to pick the best tea to use as its base drink, and the taste might also vary with the quality and processing of jasmine you are using. Check out these jasmine iced tea coupons to prepare the perfect beverage for your guests.

6. Vegan coffee shake

A vegan coffee shake is the best beverage if your guests want to drink coffee but not something hot. People usually prefer to drink it in the morning for refreshment and its refined taste. Making this beverage is also easy. All you need to prepare beforehand is frozen bananas. Take your overly ripe bananas and freeze them in bags. Cut them in quarters and blend the shake to make a chilling and yummy drink. Check out these vegan coffee coupons for the vegan coffee shake.

Final Words

Here we want to conclude our list of the 6 easy and yummy beverage options for your guests. If you don't want to put in a lot of effort to make drinks for your guest and don't want to slight them, these drinks will help you out a lot. All of these drinks taste pretty great and are ideal for welcoming guests.