6 Dos and Don'ts When Buying Wine For Gift

A bottle of wine has become a common gift on every occasion. We actually have to spend hours choosing the perfect wine and navigating the maze of wine-related etiquette. How can we choose the wine that sends the right message? Follow these dos and don'ts. 

Do: Understand your recipient

The first and most important thing is to know your recipient. What taste would fit his style? What does he prefer? Then you can select a wonderful wine for gifting. 

Learning which types of wines stocked at his home, which wine he normally order at restaurants. If you're unsure of it, a more classic kind of wine, such as merlot or pinot grigio, is a safe pick. If you are giving wine as a business gift, you can customize the bottle with your business name. 

Don’t: Brand bias

Almost all people love famous wine brands. Sometimes, expensive wine doesn’t taste as good as it seems. You should find something more unique in taste than just a brand name. 

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Do: Consider occasions and events

You should spend time buying the perfect wine that is suitable for the time of year, and the kinds of party you're attending. Also, you can choose wine following seasons, such as: 

  • Spring: fruity wines are suitable drinks
  • Summer: you can choose refreshing wines like sparkling or rose wine
  • Fall: white wine is a great choice 
  • Winter: it's time to drink heavy wines 

However, you can be flexible to choose wines. Don't feel pressured to pick a wine that corresponds to the season; instead, go with what the host prefers. 

Don’t: Avoid advice from shop assistants

Every wine store has shop assistants. They are people who have a high education about wines and have good taste, so they can help you find the best wine as a gift. Don't hesitate to tell what you are considering and the recipient's taste, the shop assistant will recommend some suitable types of wine you can choose. 

Believe them and you will have a successful gift. 

Do: Buy a few bottles

Instead of buying only one bottle, why don't you pick several types of wine and assemble them in a gift box? With this way, you will offer your recipient a larger array of flavors and let him choose the best one. There are lots of wine gift box packs including 3, 6, and 12 bottles. Therefore, you will explore what he or she likes, so it's simple to choose in the future. 

Don’t: Pick obscure wines

While giving wine as a gift, avoid obscure and less-known wines. Your recipient may not surprise or delight with these wines. If he or she is a master in wine, you can pick these types of wine. You should try something different, but avoid wines from obscure places or exotic grape varietals. Champagne or vintage of Châteauneuf-du-Pape is the easiest way to get it right, instead of Pigato of dubious quality may have them wondering what to do with the bottle after you leave. Depending on the recipient's taste, you can select a wine that means something to both of you. 

Final words

The 6 pieces of advice above will help you choose wine as a gift thoughtfully. The important thing is that you should understand your recipient and how they enjoy wine. We hope this post is helpful for you.