5 ways to engage children indoors during COVID-19

During the Covid-19 and the lockdown, the children are locked inside their homes and often find it difficult to channel their extra energy into something frustrated. Keeping children indoors is a challenging task as they are curious about nature always want to explore more. However, amid the pandemic, shifting schools on online mode and strict regulations have forced the children to stay inside. But the energy they otherwise utilize in the grounds is accumulated inside them and often leads to frustration. Therefore, this article highlights the five solutions through which your children would be engaged indoors and would productively spend their energies.

1. Play board games with your children

There are plenty of board games such as ludo that you can play with your children as a family. Children find it soothing that their parents are playing with them and use fun gestures during the games. If parents are mindful of these family times, children rarely feel the need to go out to friends. Some productive board games such as scrabble can engage the children in learning alongside the fun. For cheap board game packages, you can buy them through coupons. 

2. Buy them some productive video games

Sometimes parents find it challenging to spend time with their children because of their work routines. Especially during the lockdown, the offices keep the employs busy even in the off timings. In this case, you can buy some productive video games as an alternative to outdoor fun. The learning-based video games make the children learn the teamwork and sportsman spirit. The visual representation of the ideas that might already exist in the children's minds makes it easy for them to grasp the concept and store it in mind for a longer time.

3. Get them involved in painting and sketching

A very positive and healthy way of expressing emotions is that you draw them on paper. It is also true for children. During the lockdown, the children might feel frustrated when they cannot see their friends or go out. Sometimes they might not even show it. In this case, sit with them and engage them in painting and sketching activities to paint their hearts on the paper. The discounts coupons are available if you want to buy the paintbrushes and canvas for your children.

4. Make them read some good moralistic stories

But the lockdown is not all about fun and games. It would help if you also were mindful that your child does not compromise on his studies; therefore, spend at least three hours a day with him so that you can create his interest in some good moralistic stories that can carry the fun and learning side by side. Some children find it difficult to read alone, and they get bored. But with their parents making the whole boring reading time a good family activity, children tend to learn fast. The parents' company is essential for the children to relate the story and the lessons with reality. For amazing book discounts, you can avail yourself of the coupons and buy interesting books online.

5. Get them engaged in creative writing

Sometimes reading and playing does not do good unless you make your child write about what they learned and their opinions. When a child can write down his reading experience, he can absorb more out of the books he read. But it is not necessary to give them to write their book readings always. Sometimes you can generate a fun topic and assign it to your child, so he can use his imagination to write a story. Creative writing enables the children to think more openly and with diverse perspectives.

Final words

The pandemic has made it difficult for people to cope with inactivity during the lockdown. The children are most affected by the whole scenario. But it is essential that your child does not get stressed in the quarantine and loses his learning ability. Therefore, this article aims to make the parents understand how they can convert the dull lockdown period into fun family times for their children and help them learn and contemplate.