5 Tips To Maintain Your Motorcycle You Wish To Know Earlier

Periodic maintenance is critical to keeping your bike in perfect working condition. Maintaining your bike on a regular basis allows it to work at its best and guarantees that you can ride safely and without problems. Below are some of the fundamental maintenance tasks that are simple enough to complete yourself.

Check The Tire Condition Regularly

When having your own motorbike, checking your tires' condition regularly is very important and is the easiest thing to do. Checking for air pressure and signs of wear and tear regularly is a good habit to develop, and you should do it after most rides and before any lengthy road journeys. Each motorcycle has its own set of tire pressures, so consult your owner's manual for the proper PSI settings.

If you are going to review your tires, remember to check the tread depth in places that have suffered the most wear and look for bulges in the rubber or cuts in the sidewall when inspecting your tires. This will help you figure out whether or not your tires need to be replaced.

Change The Oil

After a few thousand miles, you'll need to change the oil in your engine to keep it running in the proper way. To begin, you can ride your bike for about five minutes just to get it warmed up. This step reduces the viscosity of the oil, making it easier to drain.

Then, remove the drain plug and the oil fill plug while the bike is standing upright, allowing the oil to drain into a drain pan. To get to the drain stopper, you might have to take off some fairing, and removing the oil filter is also necessary.

To prevent drippage, wrap aluminum foil around the engine or exhaust section. Install a new oil filter, replace any parts you removed, and refill with the right amount and type of motorcycle oil, as specified in the owner's manual, using a funnel and the appropriate amount and type of motorcycle oil. 

To finish, you just need to remove the oil fill cover and replace it and use a bike shop or a municipal facility to recycle the spent oil.

Change The Coolant

Coolant is a key component of keeping the insides of your bike in good condition and keeps your engine from overheating, freezing, or corroding; therefore, checking how old your coolant is and whether it's time to replace it should become a habit.

When your motor engine is still warm, don't attempt to fix the coolant. You must first get access to the coolant drain bolt and remove it before you can change the coolant. After that, you need to reattach the drain bolt and replenish the coolant reservoir in the body.

Clean The Surface

Cleaning your motorcycle helps keep the exterior coat of paint in good working order and reduces wear and tear over time. Some riders clean their motorcycles as frequently as they clean their cars, while others wash their motorcycles on a more regular basis.

You should wash your motorbike with cool water to remove any dust, then clean with a soft wet sponge, clean plastic parts with a wet cloth or sponge, and rinse well with clean water.

Follow A Maintenance Schedule

To ensure your motorcycle is still working well, you should check it following a maintenance schedule. For example, you should check the tires, oil level, and brakes weekly or every 200 miles. After riding for a month or 1,000 miles, you need to see if there is any problem with spark plugs, control cables, or Idle speed. The quarterly and annual reviews are also necessary if you want to keep your bike in good condition.

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With these tips above, you sure don’t have to go to the expensive garage every time you have problems with your motorcycle, check your motorbike frequently to ensure its durability, save your money and also keep you safe.