5 Timeless Coats For Man In Cold Seasons

Coats are the winter fashion king. A high quality and well designed  coat is the garment that you can always utilize to showcase your personal style, during the season when you have to bundle up to stay warm. By definition, trends come and go. Rather than focusing on the latest fashion movements, we've chosen five coat styles that have withstood the test of time. Learn about the iconic styles and choose your favorite coats by using the information provided here.

The Pea Coat

The navy popularized the pea coat, a thigh-length double-breasted garment meant to protect servicemen from the bitter cold of the open sea. A pea coat has a large notched collar and lapel with a double-breasted button fastening. These jackets are traditionally fashioned of thick, rough wool in navy or black. The wool used to make pea jackets has softened through time, and the range of colors available has expanded. The pea coat enables an effortless transition from formal to casual style. It quickly adds a layer of laid-back elegance when worn over a T-shirt and jeans. Pair it with a button-down shirt and pants for a polished look.

The Trench Coat

Another timeless design with a plethora of current variations is the trench coat. They look wonderful with more formal ensembles, but you can also wear them with jeans on weekends. A standard trench coat is a beige double-breasted coat. Belts, wrist buckles, epaulets, and pockets will be included as well. There are now over a million distinct variations to pick from. A trench coat's material isn't the thickest of all the coats, so if it gets particularly cold where you live, you might want to choose another alternative or purchase a second coat.

The Overcoat

The overcoat is a piece of clothing that functions as the outer layer, which is worn over everything else in a man's attire. Because of their thick build and below-the-knee cut, they're a wintertime must-have. Over the years, the conventional overcoat has inspired a slew of modifications, including single- and double-breasted styles with differing degrees of waist repression.

The Parka

The parka always has the upper hand when it comes to enduring the harsh elements.  Parkas were made of caribou or seal skin back then. Today's parkas are toned down and composed of lighter synthetic fabrics. These new materials have increased weight to the original design, contributing to the puffy appearance of the contemporary parka. The term "puffer" coat is commonly used to describe a parka. The length of a parka varies from waist to knee, and it usually has a wide, feathers hood and a zipper closing. The parka has a sporty appearance that is best suited to casual use and serves as a great outer layer for your other cold-weather garments. You don't want to be trapped in the middle of a blizzard without one.

The Duffle Coat

The material that duffle coats are composed of is a sort of strong wool that originates in Belgium. Their wood toggles and string fastenings, along with their hoods, make them easily distinctive. These coats are less formal than other wool coats, but they're a terrific way to convey a relaxed, student atmosphere. They're particularly stylish when paired with combat boots, dark denim, and a chunky wool scarf.