5 Simple Tips To Choose the Right Motorcycle Battery (2022 Review)

Choosing the right motorcycle battery for your motorcycle is one of the must-do to make sure your ride is at the top of its game. It will also probably save you money and time in the long run. Below are 5 simple tips you should know before you buy a new battery.

Find out what battery size you should get

You must locate a battery that will fit tightly into the fixed slot found in each motorcycle. When the engine is running, batteries that are too small can shake around excessively, possibly damaging themselves or the bike. On the other hand, oversize batteries will flat-out not fit.

The box should first be measured, with the width, height, and depth being noted. Some motorcycles have slots that are only partially enclosed on two sides. If you ride a bike like this, you might have additional options for the size of the battery you purchase.

Identify how much voltage your motorcycle needs

Make sure to check the power rating when evaluating your alternatives for the finest motorcycle battery. The number of volts the battery offers serves as a proxy for the power rating. You will require either 6v or 12v in terms of voltage. To find out which battery your bike needs, consult the original or your owner's manual.

For more efficiency, you might choose to switch from a 6-volt system to a 12-volt one. But the electrical system will still need to be adjusted further. Make sure the battery you choose can support the type of bike you have. Therefore, it is best to work with a professional to get it put properly.

Determine the type of battery you need

Motorcycle batteries come in five different categories.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

One of the greatest motorbike batteries available is Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). They are dependable and durable. AGM batteries with factory activation don't need to be maintained if you buy them. The battery is leak-proof because it is filled and sealed at the manufacturing.

  • - Gel

Both hot and cold areas benefit greatly from the gel system. Gel batteries function well in motorcycles because they provide a lot of power. A gel battery is a fantastic option if you need to keep the bike or the battery for an extended period of time without using them.

  • - Pure Lead

The lifespan of these batteries is really good. Pure lead batteries are resistant to leaks and spills. High starting power is provided by lead technology. They function best on expensive motorcycles that have a lot of extra accessories and technology.

  • - Lithium Iron Phosphate (Polymer Cells)

Compared to acid batteries, these batteries are better. They perform better, are more dependable, and are even safer to use. Additionally, they charge an acid battery considerably more quickly.

  • - nLithium Iron Phosphate (Cylindrical Cells)

A lithium-iron-phosphate battery's cylindrical cell variant has a few more benefits. Your performance is enhanced. Additionally, they are short-circuited current resistant.

Find the right accessories

We advise you to get a high-quality charger along with the replacement battery so you can keep it charged. By routinely maintaining the appropriate charge level, you can prevent your battery from running out of juice.

A multimeter is another useful item to have. If you wish to check the charge level of your battery, this measures the voltage of the battery. In order to make sure the battery you've bought is new and properly charged, it's also worthwhile to learn more about how to choose a motorcycle battery with a multimeter.

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Final thought

As you can see, choosing the best battery for your motorbike involves considerations. You can achieve the greatest fit for your motorcycle by following these guidelines. If you need additional assistance, consult the manufacturer's guidelines for specs.

Thanks for reading!