5 Sexy Swimwear Types to Flaunt Your Shapes in 2022

It's time to start looking for the ideal beach gear if you intend to spend your summer weekends at the beach. All you need to enjoy the beach party is a flirtatious, girly, and sexy swimsuit. Below are 5 different types of sexy swimwear and where to buy for summer 2022.

One Piece Swimsuit

A single piece of swimsuit that covers the top and bottom of the body is known as a one-piece. It looks traditional yet also fashionable and refined. You can show off your curves at the beach or the pool while feeling seductive and confident in a one-piece swimsuit. A one-piece suit is a great choice if you would like a bit more coverage. One-piece swimsuits exist in a variety of designs that are all based on the shape of a leotard.

This swimsuit would look great on girls who are voluptuous or who have tummy pouches. Dainty patterns, one-piece swimsuits with fringe, and sheer net necklines are all very fashionable. Choose Left On Friday if you're looking for a reliable store to purchase a lovely one-piece swimsuit. Select a swimsuit design you like, then take advantage of numerous intriguing discounts by using our Left On Friday discount codes.


Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits that offer a sultry appearance and are available in a wide range of patterns and designs. Because a bikini does not cover much of your body, certain parts are sensually exposed. You can select bikinis with a variety of top and bottom shapes, each of which offers varying degrees of coverage.

The calming and wonderful textiles to enjoy the beach water in a bikini are lycra, nylon, cotton, and polyester. You can wear a bra underneath your bikini if it doesn't offer adequate support. After exiting the water, you can conceal yourself by donning a top. You may cover your bikini with an enormous top, dress, shirt, kimono, or other similar clothing.

Tankini Set

A modern variation on the traditional bikini is the tankini. It is primarily constructed of spandex, cotton, Lycra, and nylon and was initially released in the late 1990s. This summer will see the continued popularity of the swimsuit design that has been in vogue for the past four or five years. It creates a feminine appearance and expertly conceals belly fat.

A tankini is a swimsuit with a bikini bottom and tank top. For girls with an apple form, a tankini is ideal. Women with an apple shape should use V-neck tankinis to create the illusion of a slim waist because they like to wear heavy tops. Women in their mid-life can choose this style for a pool party or beach holiday without a doubt. Stay away from ruffles, embellishments, and horizontal prints that will highlight your busts.

Swim Dress

A swim dress is a perfect choice if you're looking for a sophisticated, ladylike swimsuit. The built-in skirt on this one-piece swimsuit gives your tummy, butt, and upper thighs additional coverage. You won't have to worry about the skirt rising because the dress has attached shorts. Because of the swim dress's lightweight fabric, it won't feel cumbersome or dragged on the water.

It is distinctive and flirty at the same time because of the mixing of a swimsuit and a dress. A swim dress is a short, form-fitting dress composed of a light fabric. Beautiful swimwear is made from spandex, nylon, and polyamide. This swimming season, look lovely by donning a swim dress and impressing everyone.


A burkini is a particular style of swimsuit that is nevertheless light enough to wear while swimming. It was originally created for Muslim women who wanted to engage in sports and water activities while sporting a hat like the hijab. But today, it is among the most widely used swimsuit choices for ladies all over the world.

It would fit all body types, however, voluptuous women can choose this style of swimsuit without a doubt. Burkinis are made from Italian polyamide, poly knit, lycra, spandex, and materials. It would be advisable to use textiles that would be comfortable for the sunny weather because the burkini entirely covers the body.

Final thought

Whatever swimsuit style you select in this summer, keep in mind your body shape and the location where you will be wearing it. You should be confident wearing the suit in addition to having it fit properly and be physically comfortable. Pick one of these fantastic swimsuits and plunge into the water with panache.

Thanks for reading!