5 Other Perfect Birthday Gifts For Your One-Year-Old Kid (Part 2)

We've listed the first 3 good gifts for 1-year-old children in the first part. Here comes the list of other 5 gifts.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl is an eye-catching toy for kids at 10 months old or more. It features 5 vibrant Silicone Bubbles built into a plastic frame with a satisfying pop. It's perfect for children who like pop, push, and grab them.

This small and lightweight toy is suitable for babies, which is 5.5 x 5 x 1 inch. Also, it's made of 100% food-grade silicone that is safe for toddlers.

You can choose this toy for kids to develop their fine motor skills. The price is just $13 when placing an order at BuyBuyBaby.

Melissa & Doug Bead Maze

Here's another gift from Melissa & Doug. This colorful playset is a good educational toy for 1-year-olds because it packs a lot of early learning opportunities. It features 18 brightly wooden beads in various shapes, such as circles, rectangles, in different colors and sizes. Your kid recognizes shapes, movements, and colors, as well as develops fine motor skills. 

This baby bead maze is made from the highest-quality materials. Four soft-coated wires twist and spin between two sturdy wood blocks, demonstrating superb craftsmanship for long-term usage and safety.

Spend $30 if you want to buy this game for your toddler. Order it at Melissa & Doug website and remember to apply Melissa & Doug discount code for more savings. 

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano

Every kid loves music and dancing with their favorite songs. It's great to choose Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Piano as a gift for your 1-year baby. With the delicate touch of fingers, your little one can create thousands of different songs.

This Wooden Piano comes with 2 modes of play: your kid can make her music, and they can play along with classic melodies. Playing music lets the baby recognize different rhythmic patterns and sounds at a young age. This toy comes with 3 sheets of music that toddlers can practice to match the color-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on her piano.

This piano toy starts at just $29 at Walmart or Buy Buy Baby. You can order it for your toddler as a birthday gift.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

When babies turn 1, they love to pull themselves up to stand. Let's find Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center where they practice, stand, and explore all sides of this creative box. 

This wooden toy is designed in 4 quadrants in the shape of a tree. It packs many activities, including 6 tracks, animal-themed gliders, and 6 bead runs with colorful wood beads. It's perfect for young toddlers because of the many seated and kneeling games.

Manhattan Toy offers a lot of amazing discounts and free shipping that you can shop on a tight budget. Visit the official website, add this toy to your cart, and apply the Manhattan Toy promo code to enjoy your saving.

The Brushies

Toothbrushes as gifts for 1-year babies? Of course, when you start to talk about good habits like brushing teeth every day. These toothbrushes were made in the USA with 100% food-grade  silicon and Phthalate-free, ensuring safety for your toddlers.

Also, it comes with a matching book with familiar animals, such as monkeys, piggy, dinosaurs, and whales. The full set of 4 finger puppets and books at only $29.95. Also, The Brushes offers many discount codes and deals, making sure you'll get a happy shopping experience. You'll receive free shipping when completing your order on their website.

Toys not only give your baby happiness but also boost the development of his brain and fine motor skills. These are some toys that are a great gift for 1-year kids. You can also join them for the fun of building a stronger bond and have a relaxing time for yourself.