5 Ideal Hairstory Products to Enrich Your Hair in 2022

Hairstory earns raves for high-quality and safe products as they’re made from eco-friendly ingredients. Besides, their components work to clean without harming your hair's natural oil production cycle, bringing you beautiful, healthy hair. Therefore, they’re the go-to for your hair celebration.

We’ve curated a list of 5 tried-and-true Hairstory products that work across the spectrum. No matter what your hair type is, it will be treated with these wholesome items. Besides, a Hairstory coupon will save you a fair bit of money. Explore them all in this blog.

New Wash

New Wash is the mainstay of Hairstory. It is a shampoo alternative, which belongs to the co-wash or cleansing conditioner category - a relatively new product category. This category of hair cleanser is remarkable for its absence of detergents, giving conventional shampoo its sudsy quality.

This product bristles with essential oils and other natural ingredients, providing you a complete, transformative washing experience. As it’s free of detergent, your scalp's natural protective barrier is preserved in all of its naturally hydrating deliciousness, eliminating the need for a conditioner. Then, you will snatch a more balanced scalp with any type of hair.

With the Hairstory's Refill System, you will receive your new products on a regular basis so you never run out. Plus, you will snag a 15% off and free shipping by joining in its refill club. Nothing better than saving money while cutting plastic usage to protect the environment.

Undressed Texturizing Spray

If you wish for soft beach hair, this Hairstory product is right up your alley. The Undressed Texturizing Spray will keep your frizzy hair in place. You’ll then have a comfortable look and feel all day. Plus, it adds texture without the agony for a seductively smooth and luscious wavy hair finish. Unlike many surf-inspired sea salt sprays, it doesn't contain a single grain of salt to leech moisture and shine.

Its smell may not be your favorite as it’s a bit pungent. Be that as it may, it’s worth a shot thanks to its effectiveness. Give your hair an incredible treat with the Hairstory Undressed Texturizing Spray for only $38.00.


Wax is a secret weapon of hair care. Hairstory’s wax offers a lived-in, low-key feel and natural look with any hair type you want. Thanks to the unfussy matte finish and waterproof medium hold, this wax helps you tame curls and fill up fine hair without the slickness or crunch that some pomades have. It also helps to calm and tresses on frizzy hair days.

Simply rub some together in your palm, then run it through your hair. You’ll then get your hair as pretty as you expect. Currently retailed at $34.00, it’s a reasonable price for such an ultimate wax. Be sure to head over to Hairstory while supplies last.

Hair Balm

Hair Balm is also a product going like hotcakes at New Wash. This 3-in-1 cream improves curls and fights frizz while also acting as a leave-in conditioner. The upshot? Astonishingly lust-worthy hair right away without any extra steps. Besides, it dramatically works to keep long and thick hair calm and controlled. For those with straight hair, it will add shine and shape an enchanting, tousled look. Snag it now for just $36.00.


Hairstory Lift contains natural resins and quinoa that go a long way to naturally keep things in place. This product is ideally suited for folks loving volume style. Make a messy look or give fullness to roots for styles that need some va-va-voom. Then tousle your hair on day two to refresh your look. “Lift” your hair look with this incredible spray at only $38.00


These 5 foregoing Hairstory’s products are worth your investment. Your hair will say thanks to you. Don’t forget to use a Hairstory coupon code to save on your purchase. Besides, take advantage of tips for keeping your hair healthy to nourish your hair.