5 Handy Tips For Renting Boats in 2022: What to Know?

Boating is the high-picked this year as it brings years of joy to travelers. However, renting a boat is like herding cats for many people. If it’s the case for you, check out our 5 useful tips for renting boats in this blog.

Plan In Advance

Boats tend to be fully booked at no time, especially in peak time. You then need to book as soon as possible. That goes a long way in ensuring you have a boat to ride whenever you want.

Boating season normally begins around Memorial Day weekend and lasts until Labor Day weekend. Summer weekends are quite busy for marinas, and you may not be able to stroll in and get a rental if you plan to do so. It’s better to make sure you make a rental reservation in advance during this time.

Get a Smooth Check-in

When you rent a boat, make sure to read the confirmation letter carefully. That way, you will get a smooth check-in. Most companies will describe any paperwork you'll need, as well as when you should attend, what accessories or other equipment will be provided and any other pertinent information.

You should also bring a copy of your confirmation with you when you arrive. It will be much easier for them to locate you and begin the check-in procedure.

Get the Right Boat

It’s obvious that you will want to get a boat that fits your expectations. So it’s important to understand your limitations. If you've never sailed before, you probably won't want to take out a full-size sailboat. Besides, if you want a party on the boat, consider the boat’s size. Make sure to consider the number of passengers while selecting a boat to avoid overcrowding.

Besides, make sure that your boat is in good condition. You should inspect and check the boat's look from the outside. Frequently, you will discuss the vessel's look with the firm that is renting it out. This will allow both you and them to assess the boat's condition before departing.

Prepare for The Weather

As you made your reservation in advance, you can’t predict what the weather will be like on this day. Keep an eye on the weather prediction and be prepared for anything that may occur. This involves keeping a close check on the radar to see if it's safe to go out on the sea. Moreover, you should bring a backup layer of clothing in case the weather gets colder.

Pack Properly

You can’t know what will be onboard a rental boat. So make sure you have everything you need while out on the water, including clothes for all weather, sunscreen, food, water, a cooler, towels. If your boating takes more than one day, you need to prepare more than that. Blankets, bathroom toiletries, and additional clothing are necessary for a long journey.

Make sure that you don’t overpack. You won't want to carry anything needless, which will save you time and effort. You should also avoid overpacking to ward off the overcrowded vessel. It's not ideal to be continually climbing over things on the boat's deck.

Top 3 Reliable Websites for Boat Rentals

Looking for a place to rent a boat? Here are 3 tried-and-true boat rental websites that make renting easier.


Boatsetter is the largest marketplace for any boating experience globally, whether you're looking for a boat rental for an afternoon or a full week charter. There are over 17,000 boats in over 600 locations to select from. Head over to the homepage now, and use a Boatsetter promo code to save on your rent

Click & Boat

Click & Boat is a peer-to-peer boating rental network in Europe that allows private and professional boat owners to lend their vessels to individuals. There are 35,000 private boat rentals available all around the world. Check out its homepage and start to rent a boat for your trip, apply a Click & Boat coupon code to lower your booking.


Zizoo, dubbed "the of boats," provides over 30,000 boat rentals in 500 places across the world. By streamlining the selection and booking procedure, Zizoo makes it simple for you to locate the ideal boat.


Renting a boat is a terrific opportunity to explore various bodies of water and try out different types of vessels. Apply these 5 foregoing tips when renting a boat to have a flawless journey. And don't forget some special coupons for saving.