5 Fresh And Clean Tortilla Brands In 2022 For Your Own Choice

Tortilla is a common dish in Mexico and other Latin American countries. If you want to have your own choice of tortillas at home, here’s the list of 5 favorite tortilla brands that are fresh and tasty.

Maria & Ricardo's

Maria & Ricardo is famous as a great food provider. It has eight different tortillas, with a large variety of delicious products. They promise all tortillas are made from healthy ingredients, and, most importantly, incredibly tasty.

With over 35 years ago of growing, Maria & Ricardo continues to provide the tortillas that perfectly balance the taste, texture, and ingredient simplicity of traditional tortillas with the trends and quality standards the local market demands. The price of a tortilla pack of 4 starts at the sale price of $25.58. Right now, Maria & Ricardo offers a 25% discount program plus free shipping, so you will save your money on tortillas. Don't forget to find Maria & Ricardo coupons for your purchase.

Mr. Tortilla

If you are looking for a healthy yet affordable tortilla, Mr.Tortilla is a great store. They offer a variety of special tortillas, for example, 1 carb and 15 calorie taco tortilla. These tortillas are friendly and suitable for different diets. 

The 1 carb tortilla is vegan and it's Keto-friendly. It has a taco size and the taste is really delicious. It comes in two flavors, multigrain and pico de Gallo. Currently, the price is $4.99 per pack with 24 tortillas each. If you get three or more, you can save on shipping, which is well worth it. Also, with active Mr. Tortilla coupon codes, you can save up to 20% off on your order. Don't miss out on this chance!

Food for Life

Food for Life provides different tortilla wraps from other average authentic tortillas. These tortillas are flourless and crafted with sprouted grains. At Food for Life, there are lots of different kinds of tortillas, which are suitable for anyone with any diet. It includes brown rice, exotic black rice, and much more.

Although Food of Life has a variety of tortilla types, sometimes, they aren't as soft as traditional tortillas. They might be stiff and difficult to bend without splitting. Their products are arranged into different categories, following each diet and type. You will find your favorite products by just clicking on related sections. You can buy products at the website and apply Food for Life promo codes to reduce your cart cost.

La Tortilla Factory

With the purpose of providing a healthy and clean tortilla, La Tortilla Factory is developing and growing as a leader in the tortilla field. One of the first low-carb and organic tortillas in the market is developed by this brand. La Tortilla Factory understands the people's needs and tastes, so they always offer all tortillas with the highest quality of ingredients.

La Tortilla Factory offers a variety of products including, traditional flour and corn, non-GMO wraps, non-GMO traditional tortillas, grain-free, gluten-free, and many more. They have better ingredients. Their products are divided into different categories, so you will easy to find your favorite tortillas by clicking related sections.

If you want to try these tortillas, purchase them at the La Tortilla Factory website. They offer tortillas in packs of 6, which starts at $37.00, depending on the types you select. Try these tortillas and you will love it.

Don Pancho

Do you like the traditional Mexican tortilla flavor? Look no further because Don Pancho has provided authentic Mexican food for generations. Don Pancho offers tons of options, for example, grain-free products, carb control wraps, street tacos, and much more. The flour tortillas, in particular, are low-fat and cholesterol-free. The flavor is incredible, however, their products are difficult to find in-store. If you want to buy it, purchase it on the Don Pancho website.

Bottom line

These 5 tortilla brands are famous and have lots of tortilla products you can choose for your meal. Don't forget to buy healthy, clean yet affordable tortilla wrapping with Mr. Tortilla discount codes today to save a lot of money on your purchase at ease.