5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Hockey Stick (2022 Review)

Hockey stick is the most crucial piece of equipment without which the sport cannot happen. However, with so many different types of hockey sticks available today, choosing a field hockey stick can be difficult. Here is the 5 different factors to consider while choosing a hockey stick.

Flex and Kick Point

The flex describes how flexible or bent the stick is during a shot or when force is applied to the shaft. The usual idea is to choose the flex number that is half your weight when deciding what flex your hockey stick should have. If you weigh 150 pounds, you will therefore begin with a 75 flex.

The shaft bends most while passing and shooting at the kick point. Selecting the proper kick point for your hockey stick is crucial. The bottom of the stick should have a low kick point for players that shoot in rapid succession. The entire stick is used to load and release energy at a high kick point at the top of the shaft. Mid-kick sticks provide a good mix of speed and power.

Blade Curve

The term "curve" includes both the blade's twist from top to bottom and the end of the blade from heel to toe. The toe curve, mid-heel curve, and mid curve are currently the most prevalent blade curves. Major brands like Bauer and CCM provide a choice of patterns for each category. Which blade curve is best for you will likely depend on your playing style, but this is frequently a matter of preference.

It's critical to comprehend how each kind of curve will behave on the ice and affect your performance. For speed when elevating the puck, releasing a shot or a pass, and handling the stick, use a toe curve. Flatter blades aid in winning faceoffs. The puck stays low with heel bends for long passes and slapshots.

Hockey Stick Weights

Many players still believe that a hockey stick's weight makes a significant difference. Back when hockey sticks were made of wood, this was the original situation. The more wood a stick had, the heavier and denser it was, and the more powerful it was. The weight of field hockey sticks varies from about 535g to roughly 680g.

Attacking players often use lighter sticks because they can backswing and use their sticks more quickly. Some people like heavier sticks because they help them gain strength while using them and because they can be more difficult for opponents to pull off the ice.

Stick Length

A stick's length and flex are related to one another. A stick becomes stiffer every time it is chopped. If you know you'll be cutting the stick, get a stick with extra hardness in mind. There are three sizes from which to choose. Hockey sticks typically range in length from 38" to 54" for youth and junior players, from 55" to 58" for intermediate players, and from 57" to 63" for seniors.

You'll be able to use your abilities more effectively if you have a stick that is the right size. Your stick should ideally reach your hipbone, although this is up to personal opinion. However, bear in mind that shorter shafts tend to improve puck control and longer shafts tend to boost shot power. The exact length will depend on personal choice.

Blade Lie

Many players do not consider the blade lies when selecting a stick, but it is an important factor to choose the one that is appropriate for your game. The lie of a stick is the angle at which the shaft lies in relation to the blade when the blade is flat against the ice; this angle normally ranges from 4 to 7. The lie is more erect the higher the number.

For defensemen, taller players, or those who prefer to keep the puck closer to their bodies, a hockey stick with a lower lie may be more appropriate. The majority of the time, forwards and players who maintain the puck near to the body should use greater stick lies. Additionally, buying a hockey stick online can be intimidating. For specialized advice on the best ice hockey stick, check out the top hockey equipment brands in the world.

Final thought

Your game can be significantly improved by using the right hockey stick. Hope that with this article, you can choose the best hockey stick for your needs. Shop the whole collection of hockey sticks offered by Bauer online if you're in the market for a new stick. Use our Bauer promo codes to take advantage of a variety of fantastic savings.

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